PIGALLE // Collection AH 22/23 JAZZPLUS

The PIGALLE JAZZPLUS collection is the mix of MOOD, STYLE and ATTITUDE and therefore cannot be limited to a single expression. Bienvenue à l’experience de Stéphane Ashpool. La collection Jazz+ est le mélange de MOOD, de STYLE et d’ATTITUDE. With a lot of cool colour.

Pigalle Jazz+ – L’évolution

For Stéphane Ashpool it was about presenting collections within a curation space. The creative director joins the 40 years old club. Stephane Ashpool is one of contemporary street/sport/fashion culture’s most dynamic figures, especially in relation to French streetwear fashion. Throughout the past decade, he has built Pigalle into a marque with enormous clout in the streets of Paris to NYC.

PIGALLE // Collection AH 22/23 JAZZPLUS

The collection is streetwear meets Harlem renaissance as inspiration . Even though the lable is a lifestyle too. Apart from occasional collaborations, Pigalle is only available at the retail store in the Paris neighbourhood—his neighbourhood—PIGALLE NEUF STORE . In an industry where street creed is at the center of streetwear culture. The brand reminds me of the early days of Supreme. With the same DNA of a home grown local T-shirt shop turned mega brand. And if this means Pigalle sometimes slips off the chart during the fashion weeks shuffle unless your ear is to the streets? 

PIGALLE // Collection AH 22/23 JAZZPLUS

“I live like I want to live,” “I’m having fun, and I’m free to do things exactly the way I want. I cannot claim to be on top of the hype—that everyone’s talking about Pigalle—but people are still coming to the party and having fun too.” That party isn’t metaphoric. Since before COVID struck and during its lower ebbs since, Ashpool has held his Jazz Partout parties in conjunction with his presentations. This year that concept will be extended into Jazz +—which will launch next month—a music and fashion format that will see weekly performances through the spring in Saint-Germain and then through the summer in Ibiza.

Pigalle keeps a relatively low international profile — Nike collabs aside — but in its native Paris, the brand is a juggernaut. Pigalle’s three flagship stores sell its sporty menswear to an ample audience of young fans, many of whom take to the Pigalle-owned basketball court for pick-up games. Pigalle’s latest drop, “Freedom Fields,” is a vivid collection of silk and leather, celebrating the sensation of cycling far away from any pandemic.

Stylish cycling is having more than a minor moment right now, as bike brands collaborate with fashion labels and streetwear-adjacent creatives or even drop their own stylish wares. It makes more than a little sense: it’s fun to ride a bike, regardless of age, and it’s twice as nice when getting around a metropolis like Paris.

Yesterday it was about collections and a curation space. Today, it’s your golden ticket to mingling with the crowd, as it turns into a residence club, in Paris’ Saint-Germain district, where ridiculous parties take place. This summer Ibiza will welcome it as a nomadic club at ElSilencio. Tomorrow it will become a creative label in the broadest sense of the word or whatever you can imagine.
It aims to create tangible experiences through music, events and collectibles.
More than ever, Jazz+ is the common ground that brings people together, opens conversations, sparks ideas and moves the world

PIGALLE // Collection AH 22/23 JAZZPLUS

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