LVMH & Nona Source the New Names in Sustainable Fashion

Imagine being a designer and having access to materials that you never thought you would have access to right at your fingertips. LVMH & Nona Source the New Names in Sustainable Fashion. Back in the day when I was a salesgirl in NYC, at a luxury designer shop. I would steal the scraps when we made alterations and make accessories, who knew that this cheeky side hustle would come to a thing today in the sustainable fashion world

LVMH & Nona Source  the New Names in Sustainable Fashion

NONA-SOURCE.COM is the first online resale platform that re-values deadstock fabrics and leathers from the most exclusive French Fashion Houses. Nona Source allows Creatives to easily access high-quality materials whilst encouraging the Creative Re-use of existing resources. 


Nona Source is a committed start-up serving the creative community and dedicated to a new form of fashion. Designed for Creative Talents by materials’ sourcing experts from LVMH, Nona Source offers professionals from the Fashion and Design industries the opportunity to purchase exclusive materials at a competitive price, and in stock. 

An entrepreneurial startup accelerated by the LVMH Group, Nona Source proposes a high quality, diversified and easy to navigate offering – all materials on sale are certified LVMH Maisons’ “deadstock”.  

LVMH & Nona Source

To favour local distribution, and because stocks are located in France, Nona Source will only deliver within Europe for the time being.  

■ Access to high-end materials, thoroughly selected by LVMH fashion experts ■ Competitive pricing (on average up to 70% off original wholesale price) 

■ Orders delivered within 3 to 5 working days in France and up to 7 days in Europe ■ A committed and sustainable vision, supporting a circular fashion model 

■ An innovative digital sourcing experience with intuitive browsing 

■ A solution designed for and with Materials’ and Design experts 

Nona Source is a concrete solution addressing the challenges and opportunities of circularity, a key pillar of LVMH’s environmental strategy as expressed in the Group’s LIFE 360 program (LIFE: LVMH Initiatives For The Environment). 

LVMH & Nona Source  the New Names in Sustainable Fashion


With Nona Source’s e-shop professionals can purchase materials per roll, skin or panel, depending on available quantities – without cutting or sampling.  

Materials are accessible in just a few clicks, Nona Source takes particular care in their presentation providing high-resolution digital rendering. Nona Source works in close collaboration with Designers to best characterize fabrics’ textures and digitally translate the touch and feel experience. Each product features detailed digital content to meet traditional sampling needs: 

■ High-quality visuals 

■ Powerful zooming 

■ Videos to translate the feel and texture 

■ On-mannequin display for fall and drape visualization 

■ High-fidelity colour data through innovative technology 


Nona Source proposes a wide variety of materials selected by prestigious Fashion Houses, and initially sourced from internationally renowned manufacturers.  The catalogue includes different types of materials from warp and weft to jersey, lace, linings and ready-to-wear leathers. The variety of compositions, weights, colours and patterns provides a rich assortment for Creatives to find what they are looking for. Exclusive patterns or branded fabrics are not available. 

LVMH & Nona Source the New Names in Sustainable Fashion

Nona Source was born out of happy encounters.   It all started in 2017 when Romain, an expert in materials’ purchasing and manufacturing at Givenchy and Kenzo, first discovered the “sleeping beauties”, those high-quality fabrics stored in Fashion Houses’ warehouses. He immediately saw the opportunity of giving them a new lease of life by boosting their creative potential through a resale platform. Thanks to DARE, 

LVMH’s intrapreneurial program, an incubator for new projects to transform ideas into concrete solutions, a second key encounter took place in 2019: Romain met Marie, an expert in materials and environmental coordinator at Kenzo, and Anne, digital transformation manager at LVMH. 

Their shared passion and commitment to a new fashion model brought them together to bring the project to life. Since 2020 and with the support of LVMH’s Environmental Development Direction, the team has worked full-time to develop this solution. 



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