How to Make Spring/Summer 2021 Trends Work for You

Spring/Summer 2021 has arrived.

The days are finally longer and brighter. The warmer weather has ushered in a slew of lightweight, scantily clad fashions, as per usual. However, The world’s long-awaited freedom is almost here and the glamour is reminiscent of the ‘Roaring 20’s’.

With warmer weather comes the all too familiar body-conscious issues that many of us live with. Self-esteem and body confidence require long-term attention and there is no quick fix.

But nobody wants to be left out of the festivities or the biggest party of the year; the return of freedom. But why should you?
We all deserve to feel and look beautiful. Fashion is for everyone.

Higher temperatures and more sun equal fewer clothes and more skin so here are some ways to make Spring/Summer 2021 trends work for you.

1. Layering – Spring savvy

Layering is an easy yet cool way to cover the body without feeling exposed. This season’s fashion top trends are everything from cropped to halter.

Try pairing layered pieces over or under trend tops.

*Lightweight fabrics – such as linen or silk
*Sheer fabrics – such as mesh or lace
*A classic shirt or t-shirt

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2. Long-sleeves – not just for Winter

Long-sleeve tops or dresses, in the right lightweight fabric, are always a hit.

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3. Tights – a statement piece

Tights are fun and don’t have to be boring. From netted, to sheer or sparkly, they are a great addition to any leggy look. ASOS is your go-to for a large range.

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These tips are bound to help you feel and look confident this season.

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