How To Enjoy The Long Autumn Evenings

Rainy weather, shorter days and long autumn evenings can make even the most grounded mum miserable. We’ve all been there. But it doesn’t need to be like this. We found some super simple, yet extremely effective ways that will help you really enjoy those long, cold autumn evening. Just add a glass of wine to them and we’re all sorted.

Ellia Diffuser


Aromatherapy may seem cliche, but it works wonders. This uniquely shaped diffuser features a rounded, frosted glass design that complements any décor. Not only does aromatherapy provide a beautiful aroma for your home. It can also have a positive effect on both your physical and mental well-being. With just a few drops of your favourite essential oil, the Ellia Adore Essential Oil Diffuser can transform your environment and spirit.

StylPro 4-in-1 Ionic Spa Facial Steamer

Create a Spa at home with the STYLPRO Ionic 4-in-1 Facial Steamer. A master of many things steam related, it steams your face, heats face towels, diffuses or humidifies any room, for the full pamper experience. Simply fill with water, turn the dial to your desired function, and the magic will begin. Unlike other facial steamers, the STYLPRO produces an ionic mist which is lighter and more hydrating than most beauty steamers.

Arran Candle & Diffuser


The epitome of beautiful floral scents, the Arran Sense of Scotland Bergamot and Geranium whisks together aromas of flowers and fruits. It creates a delicately balanced and effortlessly refreshing and invigorating fragrance for the home. The Bergamot reed diffuser even looks the part to take pride of place in your home with the blend of oils displayed in a branded clear glass bottle, finished with natural wood reeds for spreading the scent throughout your room. Beautifully scented candle is an ideal alternative and creates very sensual atmosphere.

Espa Positivity Aromatic Candle

To help you see the world in a better light, burn this brightly-scented Positivity Aromatic Candle to ease negativity. This hand-poured natural soy wax candle is infused with the unique Positivity Signature Blend. It harnesses the potency of aromatherapy oils using a spirit-lifting combination of Jasmine, Gardenia and Rose Geranium which provide a burst of joy, while the confidence and vibrancy of Bergamot and Sweet Orange are a fragrant reminder to focus on the positive. 

Trophy Skin JeNu Plus Ultrasonic Infuser

Creating spa like experience at the comfort of your own home always makes us feel and look amazing. Make your skincare work harder by adding the Trophy Skin JeNU Plus to your beauty regime for better absorption. This powerful device uses ultrasound technology. It is emitting 356,000 pulses per minute, to gently push your skincare product further into your skin, meaning it can work more effectively.

As your skin acts as a barrier, usually your skincare product will sit ‘on top’ of the skin rather than penetrate.  Not only does it make your skincare work more effectively, it also makes it work faster. You’ll see the positive effects of your skincare routine much quicker than with manual application.

The treatment takes just 1 minute, so can easily fit into your usual routine. The device will beep after 1 minute to indicate that the treatment has finished.

Trophy Skin Brighten MD

Refresh with this quick, effective, and relaxing treatment! Instantly improve skin around the eyes, lips, and mouth with Trophy Skin BrightenMD. This professional skin care tool combines the benefits of four clinical treatments in one innovative device. Featuring red light therapy, heat therapy, microcurrents and vibrations, this device instantly rejuvenates skin for a more youthful-looking contour and complexion. Compact and easy to use, this device intuitively turns on when it comes in contact with the skin and turns off when you remove it.

Woods Of Windsor Fine Fragrance Bath Salts

Take time out and relax in a bath of gorgeously scented Woods of Windsor Bath Salts. Infused with the beautiful scent of True Rose and enriched with 99.5% naturally derived ingredients, bath salts hold great benefits for improving the skin barrier function, hydrating the skin, decreasing inflammation and stress. The Woods of Windsor signature classic True Rose, is an elegant rose petal scent that combines crisp green violet leaves, rose otto and warm damask rose.

Silentnight Snugsie Oversized Hoodie

The Silentnight Snugsie Oversized Hoodie is the ultimate snuggly companion. Sumptuously soft, cuddly comfort to keep you warm and cosy as you relax. Perfect for snuggling on the sofa, this snuggly companion works for every occasion!

Super-sized for ultimate cosiness, one size fits all. The cosy fleece hoodie and elasticated sleeves add extra comfort so you can feel snug as a bug! Fully machine washable so you can keep it feeling fresh and clean.

Silentnight Blanket Luxury Heated Throw

The Luxury Heated Throw offers the ultimate in luxury, perfect for relaxing on the sofa or cuddled up in bed, cocooned in warmth under the cosy warm throw.

The super-soft fleece provides extra cosiness, whilst the three heat settings allow you to choose a temperature that is just right for you. The intelligent overheat safety protection keeps you safe; plus it’s machine washable to ensure your throw stays fresh and fluffy for longer. Great to take the chill away, or when in need of a warm hug or feeling under the weather.