Haché | Best Burgers in Camden London & Old Amy Winehouse Hangout

One of the reasons I moved to London was because of the Punk Culture of Camden, in London. When Haché was rumoured to have the Best Burgers in town invited us to check out the digs in one of my favourite parts of town. I had to invite local sneaker-head and DJ Kish Kash from the neighbourhood to join me for a night of food, fun and great vibes.

Haché | Best Burgers in London



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The only dilemma was I am a vegan and I prayed they had Vegan burgers and starters with a lady with a healthy lifestyle and veggies on her mind. Kish Kash who lives in North London had nothing but love for the French-inspired burger joint. He said Oui, oui Bien sur to the delectable menu. We were invited to taste starters, drinks, mains and dessert. By the end of the night, we would float home. 

Amy Winehouse Hangout

Since we were special guests we were seated in Camden’s homegrown iconic songstress Amy Whinehouse’s favourite booth. We strolled past her mural on the wall and took our seats in the cosy corner booth perfect for an intimate date night location even though Kish and I are just mates meeting after not seeing each Time to get our drink on.

Haché | Best Burgers  in Camden London & Old Amy Winehouse Hangout

Since Kish was driving he decided to check out the non-alcoholic SWEET CITRUS made with orange, lemon, tangerine, grapefruit, turmeric and cayenne pepper, which he need after a long day. We alternatively also decided to split a lovely house cocktail named after one of my favourite French desserts CRÈME BRÛLÉE.

With an Espresso Martini, we indulged in the classic. Grey Goose vanilla vodka, Borghetti coffee liqueur, fresh espresso, fleur de sel and crème brûlée syrup. Which was actually like rock candy. If you try it doesn’t be fooled and thinks it’s only a garnish eat it up too. For dinner, I would try their Lavander lemonade which was so delish and refreshing. 

Best Burgers in Camden


Now on to some starters. We both are watching what we eat so sticking to it was very hard with the menu! I let Kish Kash choose from the Snacks + Sharing plates because that is what we do. We went with the CHARGRILLED HALLOUMI, Mojo verd with charred guindilla chilli peppers. Plus TOASTED ZA’ATAR FLATBREAD with creamy sesame, turmeric and tahini dip. As we nibbled on our appetizers we discussed what we would have for our main dishes. There were too many appetizing dishes to choose from.

I was pleasantly surprised it would not be a night of appetizers for me like normal when I eat out with friends who eat meat.  Haché has five options for non-meat-eaters. I went for the Violife Cheddar 12.5 BEYOND LE FUMÉ made with Beyond Meat. I eat Beyond at home. They are an OG of the vegan patty, grilled aubergine, smoky semi-dried tomatoes, Violife Cheddar, zucchini straws, and Rubies in the Rubble mustard mayo, tomato, onion and rocket. Served in a smoke-filled dome that when you take the lead off first you smell the steamy burger. Delicious like a homemade burger made with soulfood vibe of love.

Haché London Eats

While watched steam rise Kish already dove into his STEAK CANADIEN with melted mature West Country Cheddar, maple bacon jam, smoked bacon, mustard mayo and beef tomato.  

We didn’t even get to take a lot of pictures. On our healthy kick we also devoured a Baby Leaf Salad with pea shoots, baby gem, cherry tomatoes, red onions, and citrus vinaigrette. What would a posh burger joint be with out Aspen fries with parmesan and black truffles. No ketchup needed just some hot sauce and maybe a little mayonaise.

The atmposhere and the music was right and we contiuned to eat and plan the Summer of 2022. One of the hardest parts of the night was choosing dessert. LOL we both wanted the BANOFÉ POT. A sweet banana, biscuit, caramel, cream, hazelnuts and chocolate sauce in a little pot. Their legendary homemade dessert which you can also take home a whole pie too if you want. The little pot was so good we could not eat it all and New York style we asked for a doggy bag, which is so un French, but this Parisan New Yorker did not care she wanted it for later. 

With over 5 loctions in London you can enjoy brunch to burgers and coffee to cocktails, in a chic, Parisian-inspired setting, enjoy all day dining at Haché Burger, and bring a friend. Then discover the charm of the different loactions and the neighbourhood secrets while enjoying great food and a French spin on classic diner burgers. 

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