Girls’ Fashion Trends You Can’t-Miss Next Fall 2022

Fashion is an eternal beginning, but each season and each year has its share of new trends to follow. While summer is not over, we are already wondering what will be in vogue this fall of 2022. Do these trends remain the same as those of spring-summer? Thanks to Fashion Week and new department store collections, we already have a broad spectrum of pieces in vogue this fall 2022.

Fashion Trends

Girls' Fashion Trends You Can't-Miss Next Fall 2022

We already know that colour remains a strong trend: we have seen purple, blue, and pink, but also metallic colours. The latter are ultra-desirable this fall/winter: on pants, dresses, coats… We adopt them everywhere. We saw them everywhere on the catwalks of Paris Fashion Week. And we know it well; the trends we see on the catwalks are those we will see everywhere this fall 2022 in our favourite stores. 

Girls' Fashion Trends You Can't-Miss Next Fall 2022

Pink is almost every girl’s favourite colour to wear as It has several shades with different meanings. Higher colour saturation conveys joy, fun, and excitement; a smaller one, in pastel pink tones, symbolizes innocence and perhaps a lack of character. It is relaxing, influences the feelings that accompany kindness and induces us to feel affection, love and protection. You have to start seeing life in a rosy colour! Use it to give that feminine touch to your outfits and in its more saturated version, fuchsia, to give energy and dynamism to the look. Avoid it in those situations where you have to convey your character, as it can convey a childish image.

Capes, knit and leather.

The cape promises to be the new fashion coat, from its most informal to sophisticated versions. Let’s use imagination to make our day-to-day a moment of elegance and sophistication. Imagine that with this cape, you are Wonder Woman with superpowers or Matahari. Are you getting excited? The secret to combining it is to make different mixtures. Wear it with flared pants, white leather ankle boots or sweatshirts with a message. Achieving an elegant and classic look is possible thanks to Max Mara women’s clothing; bet on original jewellery to complete your most groundbreaking and chic look.

the ‘tweed’

Tweed is a fabric that has not stopped being fashionable and will continue to be very present. It is elegant and versatile; you can make a thousand and one combinations to get a result of 10. You can now wear the most basic look in the world, jeans and a white shirt, which, if you incorporate a tweed jacket, will be able to elevate your look like Coco Chanel.

The pink colour

Are you tired of wearing black? That’s good because pink promises to brighten up your summer wardrobe. It is the promise of a vitamin outfit that stands out. Worn as a total look or as a colour block, this intense colour will brighten up your wardrobe. For fans of the pop and daring style, it goes wonderfully with prints! Green tartan on pink, why not? Purple and Fuschia pink, too dangerous a combination? Think again! Fashion designers are slowly inviting the candy colour into the fall and winter wardrobe.

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Photos by Harsha Praveen