Four Books for Spring to Attract Abundance in The Home

Spring is here, and I am ready for a fresh start. They say plants and babies attract abundance, so we have four books for Spring to Attract Abundance in The Home. These great table books teach you how to take care of plants, use plants as medicine to baby shower gifts ideas and cookbooks. So come jump down the rabbit hole with us and enjoy all things Spring and green. 

Baby Book

Moments and memories from your baby’s first three yearsThe perfect gift for all new parents! The Baby Book is the ideal place to record all the special moments and memories from the first three years of your child’s life. As well as details of the birth, parents and siblings, you can record all the firsts (sitting, crawling, walking, teeth), favourites (toys, books, friends, music) and events, with space for notes and photographs and charts to record growth.

An expandable pocket at the back allows you to hold on to keepsakes, and an elastic enclosure keeps everything in place.

Backyard Pharmacy

Plants as Medicine – Plant, Grow, Harvest, and Heal. This compact yet complete guide to herbal medicines shows you how to transform common plants into remedies that heal. While using herbs as medicines can often seem complicated or costly, the Backyard Pharmacy gift edition offers a way to learn simple, effective, and low cost.

Four Books for Spring to Attract Abundance in The Home

Plants you once believed were just seasonings for the sauce in the kitchen or scents for your home are, in fact, medicines that can help heal and soothe if you know what to do with them. This book shows you how easy it can be to make your own herbal remedies for life’s common ailments. Profiles of common healing plants offer growing, harvesting, preparing and using these herbs in healing tinctures, oils, and creams.

You’ll find all-natural, low-cost herbal solutions for a range of common ailments, such as:  

  • Learn how to grow and craft a poultice to soothe mosquito bites.
  • Make a herbal tincture to fix sluggish digestion. 
  • Brew up some lemon balm iced tea to ease a stressful day.
  • Craft echinacea drops to support immune system health.
  • Use elderberry to ease cold and flu symptoms.
  • Blend a cayenne salve to relieve inflammation.
  • Steep chamomile tea to aid with insomnia. 

From the common cold to a nasty scrape, headache, or digestive issue, simple, all-natural home-grown ingredients can make you feel healthy and happy. With guidance from this useful yet beautiful book, you’ll be able to match the properties of each plant to your own medicinal needs. And with this new, more compact gift edition, you can share the soothing essence of herbal remedies with everyone you love.

Houseplant Party

Fun projects & growing tips for epic indoor plants. Grow some of the world’s most unique and beautiful houseplants with this one-of-a-kind guide. Plus, find DIY projects for using houseplants to kick up your decorating skills!

Houseplants make epic house guests—they don’t talk back, they’re 100% no drama, they’re exceptional listeners, and they help beautify your bedroom and calm your senses. Plus, houseplants are fun to nurture and care for. In Houseplant Party, you’ll discover dozens of amazing, easy-to-care-for houseplants that are a perfect fit for your desk, windowsill, bedside table, or bathroom vanity. From peace lilies and ponytail palms to fairy washboards, air plants, and Venus flytraps, author and houseplant guru Lisa Eldred Steinkopf has your back with easy-to-follow houseplant advice and insight

But, Houseplant Party isn’t just about taking care of plants. It’sIt’s also about decorating with plants. Get step-by-step plans for making: 

  • A creative test tube wall planter
  • A knotted plant hanger using recycled fabric or an old t-shirt
  • A stress-reducing succulent Zen garden for your favourite relaxation spot
  • A bedside aquatic garden with a Japanese moss ball
  • A macrame hanger to display your favourite vining houseplant
  • A wooden trellis to train climbing plants to grow on your wall and ceiling
  • A trio of shadow boxes to display an air plant collection
  • A beautifully trained and pruned bonsai plant

Join the Houseplant Party and decorate your world with green!

The Plant-Based Cookbook

Four Books for Spring to Attract Abundance in The Home

100 Delicious Recipes for a Healthy Life. The Plant-Based Cookbook is a culinary road map to a healthier you and a healthier planet full of delicious ways to cook vegetables that you might otherwise have overlooked.

Attract Abundance in The Home

Separated into seasonal recipes, this book gives you all the tools you need to eat healthy all year round. The Plant-Based Cookbook guides delicious recipes for the growing movement of people consuming less and less meat, favouring consuming food that comes straight from the earth. Each season has a section of savoury recipes and sweet recipes, all explained with easy-to-understand instructions. Food Facts are included throughout to explain all of the wonderful vitamins and nutrients in the fruits, vegetables, and seeds used to make these plant-based recipes. Every recipe is classified with a slew of dietary parameters for those looking to be gluten-free, raw, sugar-free, unprocessed, soy-free, or grain-free, in addition to being vegan

Some recipes included are:
  • Italian Stuffed Artichokes
  • Lemon Poppy Seed Doughnuts
  • Jackfruit Jerk Carnitas with Pineapple-Mango Salsa
  • Dark Chocolate Covered Watermelon Bites with Sea Salt
  • Lentil and Mushroom Loaf with Glaze
  • Peanut Butter Caramel Apples
  • Cashew Cheesecake with Date Walnut Crust
  • Crispy Baked Vegan Mac and Cheese (because even vegans need comfort food)
Attract Abundance

By removing meat and most processed foods, a plant-based diet focuses on whole foods packed with nutrients and low in trans fats. This type of diet is ideal for body-builders or endurance athletes who need the carbohydrates in vegetables for energy more than the protein and trans fat of meat that builds muscle and slows them down. Plant-based diets treat food like preventative medicine. By eating plant-based meals consistently, studies have shown that people employing a plant-based diet showed increases in energystronger memory as they age, lower levels of obesitylower rates of systemic inflammation in healthy participants, and lower rates of type-2 diabetes patients. Additionally, rates of heart disease were 22% lower in vegetarians. When you focus on only putting good food into your body, the clean-food detox is an excellent way to lose weight healthily and keep it off in a sustainable way.

Join the growing movement of healthy, plant-based living and see for yourself what all the fuss is about. Treat your body with the kindness it craves and adopt a plant-based diet!

Books for Spring to Attract Abundance in The Home

Discover today’s top trending health and wellness topics with the Everyday Wellbeing series from Chartwell Books. From smart eating habits to personal growth advice, these engaging lifestyle guides give you the expert tips and life hacks you need to help you make good choices while practising mindfulness and self-love. Whether you want to explore cooking with new ingredients like adaptogens and CBD or make it a priority to incorporate self-care into your daily routine, these brightly coloured take-along handbooks have the tools you need to succeed.

Now that you are ready for some spring, get a few ideas from the books above. Go make babes, buy some plants and cook a nice healthy meal. Follow our newsletter for more great tips on living a healthy, happy, green, prosperous and abundant life.