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One extraordinary hotspot we highly recommend goes by the name of Cotton Beach Club Ibiza. Now I know Ibiza is well-known as a party city. Everyone comes to Ibiza for a desire to let loose and make memories. On the other hand, some vacationer’s come to Ibiza to relax. If you want to watch beautiful sunsets, eat delicious food and listen to ambient house music; Cotton Beach Club is the one.

About Cotton Beach Club

Cotton Beach Club opened up in 2014. One of the most jaw-dropping beach clubs located in Cala Tarida. The restaurant/beach club offers the first-class feel. It has an attractive exterior. It was built on a cliff highlighting an extraordinary view overlooking the Azure sea. Cotton Beach Club also claims it is the epitome of white island style. The interior decor style is all-white, breezy and chic. The owner of Cotton Beach Club is Christian Marstrander and Merete Marstrander. The influence the couple had in mind for Cotton Beach Club is giving families, couples, vacationers like us somewhere to hang all day. A place where we could leave smiling. Oh, and they play this astounding ambient jazzy house music. You end up nodding you’re head too. They handpick unknown resident DJ’s to provide you with that calm relaxing ambient house music.

Every Sunday (currently) they host Champagne lunches!Although, it is a quiet restaurant at night. During the day famous they host their Champagne Lunches on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays in high season. It includes live music and a great day party vibe.

PSA: Dear Future Husband, Propose To Me Here.

After a few days of heavy partying, it was refreshing to sit down and relax. Our evening at the restaurant was pleasant. When we arrived, I was stunned. It does have an incredible view. We captured some beautiful photos and videos in the all-white staircase around the cliff. Not even the photos could capture what we saw nor felt there. I needed a moment to enjoy the view and the smell of the sea. I couldn’t help but smile. I watched kids playing tag around the beach. Cheers to these small moments; I will cherish for a lifetime.

The staff is notably attentive and sweet. Our waiter Rubin was very charming. It seems like he enjoys working there. He sat us where we could watch the sunset. Rubin suggested for us a few starter dishes; considering all Charlotte and I could do was talk and take photos. We kept forgetting to look over the menu. I blame the ambient chill house music and the wine.


The menu is Mediterranean cuisine. However, they also serve bits of the world. The restaurant serves Japanese style sushi, edamame, Italian spelt bread, saffron mussels French style; and so on.
For starters, we ordered a fresh bread basket, speciality Cotton sauce & aioli sauce, and Sicilian fresh Olives. The cotton sauce is magical. It is a mouth-watering sauce. I devoured. I wonder if the chef will send me the recipe or make little pots that are available to buy.

Rubin suggested we try the Salmon and Tuna Tartare Gunkan. To begin with, I’m not a fan of sushi; unless I am in Japan. The sushi is so fresh. I truly wanted more. Charlotte and I were fighting over pieces.

And of course, I can’t do sushi without spicy edamame. Very yummy.

Fried Rice with Prawns
This is another suggestion by Rubin. He claims to eat this for lunch every day. Charlotte was instantly convinced. The fried rice bowl combines jasmine rice, fried, prawns, vegetables, a cracked egg and savoury soy. I got to try some. Boy, it was delicious. It is perfect. I could imagine myself eating this for lunch every day too. Charlotte asked for it without egg, she is not an egg person.

Ceviche Al Peruano

A new addition to the menu is Ceviche Peruano. Ceviche is raw fish made in lemon. It is my favourite and it was delicious. The chef added just the right amount of salt, red onions and garlic. Plus the hint of cilantro is what makes this recipe delicious. With chunks of lemon Ceviche, sweet potato, quico, nuts and spicy pepper; I was in paradise.

Our dessert is WINE

As for dessert? Charlotte and I don’t do dessert. We stay away from desserts. However, I do love a bottle of good white wine. Islands are difficult for finding good wine. With Cotton Beach Club’s surprisingly many different wine selections, it was hard picking a wine. The restaurant imports Château des Marres Prestige Vermentino. It is my favourite wine in the world. Vermentino offers exotic aromas such as passion fruit. It also evolves to leave a long after taste.

Cotton Beach Club incorporates first-class effortlessly. If you’re expecting a party, this isn’t the place. It is a quiet and intimate hotspot. You could hold a conversation without screaming. On the other hand, they do hen do’s, weddings, parties, etc. The crowd around is elegant and regulars. For the restaurant, I recommend dressing elegantly. It’s not a place to wear your crotchet dress over your bathing suit. I wore a long slip dress from Topshop and Apsiga sandals. Check out our style guide, to find inspiration for your Hot Girl Summer in Europe.

Cotton Beach Club will make you adore this small island.

Guess what? The restaurant offers masseuses on call. The masseuse gives head and shoulder rubs after dinner. Additionally, you pay what you wish. What more can you ask for in a beach club? Cheers to that.

Are you thinking about coming to Ibiza? If you want a relaxed evening, definitely head on over to Cotton Beach Club. Whether your a parent, or couple, or vacationers like us Cotton Beach will welcome you.

PS: I highly recommend to book your taxi 45 minutes before you are leaving the restaurant. Taxi queue can be very long!


Cala Tarida
h: Monday – Friday 12PM–12AM
t: +34 633 622 000

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