AMIRI PRE-SPRING 2023 WOMENSWEAR is giving us female streetwear lovers something to add to our closets plus they have accessories to match. Having established core archetypes and signatures styles, AMIRI Pre-Spring 2023 Womenswear outlines the collection’s distinctive silhouettes and in-house technical experimentation. Elegance is born from artisan craftmanship, encouraging freedom of interpretation and expression giving those who love the brand stylish luxury streetwear.  


The Collection sees womenswear silhouettes shrunken, cropped elongated and skewed. Offering interchangeability of shapes and solutions guided by sculptural craft and adjustable detailing. Workwear and tailoring are interchangeable, such is the versatility and rigor of AMIRI’s savoir-faire.

Seams are replaced with button fastenings and the pragmatism of cargo pants area elevated. Lines shift with ease between form-fitting and oversized, emitting notions of soft masculinity and empowerment. Bursts of vibrant pink and blue accent a neutral canvas built for layered, tonal plays and textural statements. Fabrics are soft yet tough – leather, wool, nylon, shearling, velour – borrowed from the worlds of sport and utility, repurposed for the everyday.

Leisure-inspired pieces are rendered in luxury fabrics and cut in the house’s classic kick-flare silhouette, while, by contrast, traditional bouclé suiting is relaxed in boxy fits with sports-inspired drawcord waists. These adjustable details not only inform the silhouette’s cocooning effect, but also become a contemporary idea of the bespoke, offering multiple interpretations and transformations. Hallmark hybrid design codes splice denim with tweeds, vintage track tricot jerseys to forge new structure.


AMIRI introduces the Malibu Boot as a Pre-Spring 2023 as an AMIRI signature style. Crafted in suede and shearling-lined, available in both men’s and womens. The loafers are featured in leather monochrome designed with tonal stitching and sole contrasts. Debuting new core silhouettes, the MA Bag, and the Mini MA iteration are introduced in smooth Italian leather featuring a fold-over-top, silk bandana wraparound handle and ‘MA’ monogram hardware alongside matching slimline belts.


Through unbridled creativity and craft, we erase the norm and create for today.
AMIRI Pre-Spring 2023 is available now on and at select retailers.


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