ALTU by Joseph Altuzarra Drops Gender Fluidity Collection

ALTU is a wonderful brand by Joseph Altuzarra that reimagines and challenges traditional notions of dress through the lens of adolescent curiosity and uninhibited gender expression. “Genderful” encompasses the plurality of an individual’s presented identity and encourages positivity within the spectrum of gender presentations and expressions. For the fashion-obsessed like myself who’s always wished men’s wear came in smaller sizes, this is an exciting time in fashion.

ALTU by Joseph Altuzarra

Inspired by teenage desire and youthful obsessions, the collection explores the subversive nature of adolescence and how it informs our identities. Simultaneously equivocal and expressive, it symbolizes a realm of possibility where vulnerability and angst, doubt and desire, idolization and isolation can coexist.

The initial release, launching December 2021, offers a range of wardrobe staples including layered hooded sweatshirts, leather pants, knitwear and dresses. The brand DNA is so on point because when we are young we are always pushed to make choices today it’s starting to change.

ALTU is largely influenced by Joseph Altuzarra’s personal style and is a reflection of his identity, sexuality and ever-evolving perspective. Each piece in the collection is carefully constructed with the full spectrum of gender and all body types in mind. Personal interpretation and expression are encouraged; the designs are made to embody the fluidity and unique identity of the wearer.

Gender Fluidity Collection

Conceived as a foundational collection, the first drop reinterprets iconic staple pieces through a genderful lens, inviting exploration and experimentation. The styles incorporate traditionally masculine and feminine sartorial codes but are designed to be worn by all people, subverting the concept of gendered clothing. Leather pants—an impeccable offering in two versatile fits—take centre stage. The collection is so rock rebel chic mixed with skateboard street culture.

Are you feeling the collection? I am it’s so cool to be in fashion at the moment. Available exclusively now on and next week, the collection ranges in genderful numerical sizes ranging from zero to seven.