5 Gender-Neutral Beauty Brands You Need to Know About

Beauty has no gender, and the concept of beauty is ever-changing. In fact, a report by NPD’S iGen Beauty Consumer showed that nearly 40% of 18–22-year-olds have shown interest in gender-neutral beauty products. Furthermore, the fundamentals of skincare routines are the same for both women, men and everyone else. Therefore, no matter how you identify, beauty should be accessible and inclusive. 

It goes beyond ensuring that products aren’t just packaged in pink or blue, assumingly targeting men and women. It’s more about creating authentic products that a wide range of people can feel comfortable using. 

More and more beauty brands are openly celebrating and supporting different gender identities and sexual orientations. Read on to learn about 5 gender-neutral beauty brands that are on the market. 

Jecca Blac

While working as a makeup artist in London, Jessica Blackler opened the Jecca Blac studio. This became a safe space for trans women to experiment with makeup. From there, Jecca Blac grew into a gender-free, vegan makeup brand that represents all beauty lovers. 

Regardless of pronouns, ability or sexuality, Jecca aims to provide makeup that brings communities together. 

Since, Blac has created and held the Trans Festival, in London. An event devoted to creating a safe space for the trans community. Also, a place for customers to try and buy products from brands that specifically cater to the trans community. 


Via 2X4

From cleansers to hair conditioner, this beauty brand creates gentle and natural products that works for everyone. “All skin types, all genders” says founders, Malin and Goetz. Born and bred in New York, Malin+Goetz have successfully simplified skincare and what skincare means. Pairing natural ingredients and advanced technology to create everyday treatments that work for everyone, regardless of age or gender. 


Milk Makeup is a well-known, vegan, cruelty-free makeup and skincare brand. Originating in New York, the brand sees personal style and experimentation as the ultimate form of self-expression.

In 2017, Milk teamed up with skincare brand Very Good Light, to create a campaign exploring the link between individuality and the gender spectrum. Models, creators and activists came together to create Blur the Lines. A short film inspired by Milk’s Blur Stick. A product created for everyone, because beauty has no gender nor sexuality. 

Blur the Lines – Milk Makeup x Very Good Light

The founder of Very Good Light, David Yi says, “I believe that beauty should be about self-expression, empowerment and finding your best light, no matter who you are. Genderless beauty, therefore, is all about being your authentic self.”

Since, Milk have collaborated with The Centre, an LGBTQ+ Community Centre in New York. With their limited-edition pride pack, 50% of the retail purchase price went directly to The Centre to help and support their mission to advocate for justice. 

Good Light 

Via – Very Good Light

Good Light is a personal care brand that believes in ‘beauty beyond the binary.’ 

Creator David Yi created a range of personal care products, from serums to cleansers, with all gender identities in mind. Their mission is to move culture forwards by promoting inclusivity through beauty and celebrating the fluidity in the world. 

Whilst working to redefine preconceived notions of masculinity and beauty, Yi says that as a collective, “we want to understand that beauty comes in all forms.” Hence, creating a range suited for all. 


This Brooklyn based, queer-owned brand aims to amplify queer voices and stories through its brand. Whilst designing vegan beauty products for all gender expressions, they embrace the power of inclusitivty through social media and advertising. “We believe that makeup is joyful and fun — as well as powerful and transformative — and nobody should be left out”, says the brand. 

As of this Pride Month, a portion of sales from its Pride collection go towards a Black trans-led mutual aid collective called For Our Sibs

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Danielle Woods

Magazine journalism and publishing graduate, who enjoys creating content focused on beauty, lifestyle and anything considered 'taboo'. Always working to create an easygoing but informative space for her work. Loves all things skincare, makeup, online shopping, music and writing the occasional poem or two.

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