The Very Best Father’s Day Gift Guide

Shopping for Father’s Day can become quite difficult. Once you’ve gone through the usual list of presents to buy, where to do you turn to? This is where you’ve been smart and turned to StyleCartel, to bring you some inspiration with a Father’s Day gift guide and cement your spot as the favourite child.

Lumity 4-in-1 Cleanse

Lumity Nutrient Rich Skin Saviour 4-in-1 Cleanse (100ml) is the missing step in your skincare routine.

Featuring 31 botanical ingredients, this unique formula dissolves impurities, pollutants and make-up, to leave your skin feeling radiantly clear and deeply hydrated whilst balancing the senses. This balm can deeply cleanse the skin, and gently exfoliate; and even doubles up as a luxurious revitalising masque treatment that can be used morning and night.

Mac-Talla Whiskey

Mac-Talla are actually one of Scotland’s oldest whiskey family, from the island of Islay. Their range of three whiskey’s boast a variety of strength an maturation styles, and each flavour is Non-Chill Filtered with No Colour Added.

They are available to buy from a number of domestic and international outlets, including master of malt, and whiskey exchange.

James and Jake

It’s never been more important for you to look after yourself, and James + Jake is where traditional grooming values meet a modern approach to men’s skincare, enabling you to look and feel your best every day without compromising your physical or mental health.

Their skincare products are clean, cruelty-free, made in England and scientifically formulated to deliver results using high-performance ingredients, powerful botanicals and protecting antioxidants. With zero synthetic fragrance or artificial colouring, they compliment a healthy lifestyle and provide brief moments of crucial self-care throughout your day. Think of it as conditioning for your mind, body and skin.

Kirk Originals

A brand re-born in 1992; after initially being created in 1919, Kirk Originals are all handmade in England, taking a painstaking 72 hours for each pair of frames. Additionally, they’re a brand favourited by the likes of Liam Gallagher, Michael Caine, The Clash and The Beatles – need I say more?


Caorunn is a small batch, quadruple-distilled gin company; nestled in the deep highlands of Scotland. Under the delicate care of Simon Buley (Gin Master); crystal clear Scottish water and wild, hand-foraged botanicals create a gin unlike anything on the market. Their website also gives lots of recipes to make the most of your Caorunn gin. Discover the excellence across all mainstream online alcohol retailers, and all major UK supermarkets.

Kinsale Mead Co

For those who want to try something new, then how about Mead? No longer just a drink that was drunk in ancient England, Mead is making a revival and that is in thanks to the team at Kinsale Mead Co in the Republic of Ireland.

Mead (Miodh in Irish) is in fact the world’s oldest alcoholic drink, unique in that its primary ingredient is honey but also incredibly diverse – it can range from dry to very sweet, which may surprise you when you think of pure honey as its main ingredient.

Atlantic Dry Mead from Kinsale Mead Co in particular is very popular with whisky drinkers. It’s light and refreshing, 12% ABV and is a traditional mead made from orange blossom honey with floral and citrus aromas, crisp rather than sweet. Alternatively for the wine drinker, Wild Red Mead is light and fruity, silky smooth made from Irish blackcurrants and dark cherries and goes down a treat with chocolate.

SUN.DAY of London

SUN.DAY of London have created a range of botanical candles are formulated using natural oils and and plant-based ingredients. They are all 100% natural, cruelty-free and vegan made using GMO-free coconut and palm-free waxes. In fact, when they first came to the market, the glass containers were actually sourced from empty cider bottles from local pubs, where they were cleaned and hand-cut to the perfect height!

Pizza Perfect

Does your dad think he’s the king of the barbeque, when in fact he burns everything and you have to come in and save the day? We know the story.

But with the Ooni portable pizza oven, even he can’t ruin a BBQ. Ready to use in 20 minutes, and with pizzas up to 16 inches cooked in 60 seconds; this is the perfect gift to elevate that BBQ scene once and for all.

Love Bullets

Men’s accessories are a growing trend in menswear, with more men feeling confident in expressing themselves through fashion. And a brand which stands out for their quality, timeless and unique designs is Love Bullets.

Designed and created in the UK, they have designs in wide range of precious metals, meaning there’s something for everyone this Father’s Day.

Black Lotus by Floral Street

Independent British brand Floral Street aim to bring stunning fragrances to the masses without the need for complicated lingo and fancy, unrelated adverts. Instead, they want to give you vegan, animal cruelty-free perfumes that you appreciate and can understand.