Top Baby Products That Mums On The Go Swear By

Working mums are superheroes. They juggle many roles, and very often have to move from place to place with their little ones. In the current tough times, it’s never been more important to use top quality baby products to be sure, that they are safe while we work. We selected top baby products that busy mums swear by.

Bugaboo Stardust Travel Cot

Both mums and babies will fall in love with this Bugaboo travel cot for many reasons. Whether you’re going from room to room, visiting friends and family or going further afield, Stardust is all about portability. And the best part…Bugaboo Stardust unfolds in an instant. Literally. Just unclip, pop it open and you’re ready for bedtime, or naptime. As a mum, I tested many travel beds, and I always struggled to open them fast enough. Bugaboo Stardust’s 1 second easy unfold means getting your baby to sleep has never been easier. The unique, all-in-one design and patented aerospace technology enables Bugaboo Stardust to unfold in 1 second and fold back together in 3 seconds.

In addition to all above benefits, Stardust offers instant comfort for your child, any time of the day or night, thanks to the built-in, multi-layered mattress. It is adjustable to two heights, which is great for both newborns and babies. The zip-in bed height makes it easy to lift your newborn in and out without bending over. Mums can rest assured that their baby sleeps well thanks to breathable mesh, which increases airflow and durable, chemical-free, high-quality fabrics.

The Singing Ant Mat

Featuring a soft and safe space for little ones to play on and explore, the Singing Ant designer play mats feature a wipe clean, soft surface. The rotatable non-toxic EVA foam tiles easily slot together, interlocking to become a contemporary playmat in an instant. The clever patented construction enables the mats to be easily expanded or reduced to fit into any space. Moreover they are ideal for packing away into the handy travel tote provided for those necessary travels.

Izmi Carrier

The Izmi Carrier has been designed with providing baby with movement, oxytocin and skin to skin benefit in mind. The award-winning carrier is renowned for its adaptable design. It seamlessly combines the functionalities of a soft structured fabric sling, with the support of a buckled carrier. The multifunctional carrier cleverly adapts for use from newborn up until 18 months, meaning an abundance of cosy quality time for both the wearer and the new arrival! 

Cocoon Babies

They are a great gift for parents-to-be, those with newborns or simply perfect for your own bundle of joy. Cocoon blankets is ideal for car seats, prams and carry cots and are suitable from birth – approx 6 months. The blankets have passed crash safety tests and in addition have been proven, to provide added protection to a baby’s head and chest should the unthinkable happen and the parents are involved in a crash.  An alternative product such as the Cocoon blanket is a great way to keep babies both safe and warm whilst out and about this winter.

NapNap Sleep Mat

NapNap sleep mat will revolutionise little ones’ sleeping routines from day one. And will surely help busy mums. The completely unique sleep aid features a soft surface, soothing vibrations and calming white noise – all in one compact design. Science and meticulous engineering behind NapNap brand make it a perfect baby companions . It offers safer and calmer sleep for all babies, even those with complex or disturbed sleeping routines. Sure to become their new favourite sleep aid, the gentle vibrations soothe little ones to sleep whilst the embedded white noise creates the calmest atmosphere. NapNap sleep mat really does have it all!

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