The Beauty Trends That Shaped 2020

The year 2020 was a crazy ride for all of us! COVID-19, Tik Tok trends, Zoom and baking to name a few. The compilation of good and bad throughout the year tested us, taught us, and showed us a deeper appreciation for many things including the beauty industry. 

From soap brows to niacinamide, home hair glow-ups and dark circles, you name it, it was trending in 2020.  The consistency that the beauty industry provided us all throughout the year was, at time, the only constant we could rely on, so we’ve rounded up the best (and sometimes bizarre) beauty trends of 2020.

Floating Liner

“Floating liner” otherwise known as graphic liner is a trend we’ve all seen before, but 2020 saw it hit back with fresh inventive takes on the idea. The compilation of looks below is an insightful look into the bold beauty of graphic liner.

Soap Brows

Soap brows or ‘fluffy brows’ was a trend that I think we were all grateful for. Whether you have over plucked brows derived from the 90’s, or thick brows from the Cara Delevigne era. Soap brows will instantly thicken, define and complete a look.


From Cerave to skincare lessons with Hyram, the skincare industry was booming in 2020! You were lucky if you were able to grab your hands on any Cerave and The Ordinary products.

With both brands being affordable with great ingredients, and recommended by dermatologists. Skincare brands alike were in high demand throughout lockdown as the public became beyond interested in at-home spa days.

Dark Circles

The dark circle trend is much more recent but it had to be included in the mix. Often seen as a flaw by society that leaves a lot of us feeling insecure, this trend has been praised by the people that suffer from them, (including me).

Dark circles have long been the drive behind full coverage concealers amongst the sea of tips and tricks to cover them, these tips and tricks are undoubtedly great for achieving a snatched look. But, for us that experience this feature who struggle to cover the most stubborn of dark circles, this trend was a revolution!

Here, at Style Cartel, we’re all about the beauty trends that celebrate natural beauty. From normalising dark circles, or improving overall skin health. Let us know @stylecartel on all social platforms if you know of any trends that you love!

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