Tame Your Mane This Summer At Hair Organics Notting Hill London

Now that summer is in full swing it was time to find a local place to Tame your mane. We found a natural hair care guru in London at Organics Notting Hill you have to support. Where you step inside the palace of owner Terry Wilson. He has been a hairdresser for over 30 years, speaks a little French and has many stories to tell. 

Tame Your Mane This Summer At Hair Organics Notting Hill London

After lockdown, my hair was starving for some help to manage my curls. Who knew that this summer in London would be humid. Right when summer weather decided to bless us Londerner’s I went to give Terry a visit at is his Organics Notting Hill. He put me in the lovely Greek hands of, Leo. Who was going to introduce me to  SOS Super Organic Smoothing treatment? Which is totally organic and healthy for my curly hair. 

Natural Brazilian Blow Dry

Tame Your Mane This Summer At Hair Organics Notting Hill London

You might have already heard of other Keratin treatments or the Blow Dry, but Terry says his treatment is even better. Leo walked me through the process and how it worked. Their Super Organic Smoothing Treatments gave me gorgeous frizz-free hair that’s super-easy to manage for 120 days. After having the treatment 2 weeks ago, when I forget to wrap my hair at night, it’s no problem. I just put some castor oil in, brush and go! 

This two-hour in-salon treatment is ideal for all hair types and is unique to Hair Organics. It’s as effective as a Brazilian Blow Dry but without any of the nasty chemicals! While they are applying it there is no smell or smoke during the process.

The SOS Treatment is a 2-part system with a masque that deeply moisturises even the most damaged hair, giving you stronger hair with amazing shine! It will remove frizz, repair damage and reduce drying time in half. The summer climate allowed me to wash my hair sit in the sun and go after enjoying the sun. This allows me to not put so much heat on it lessening the damage to my fragile hair because I colour it too. 

Tame Your Mane This Summer At Hair Organics Notting Hill London

Organics Notting Hill uses a unique vegetable cysteine complex, derived from lentils and oats, it will give your hair amazing shine by giving the hair a new ‘false cuticle’ layer. I left the salon with amazingly soft, shiny hair but had to leave it for 2 days before shampooing to let the treatment harden in the hair and work its full magic. With the London weather, of course, I had to run home because it started to rain! Luckily there are gentlemen in West London and a local Italian Pizza restaurant gave me an umbrella. I thanked them and told him the hair gods will reward him. Because a black girls enemy is the rain.

There will be no colour fade on your hair, in fact, colour usually looks lifted. I do recommend colouring your hair after the treatment, I had done my colour 2 weeks before and lost the vibrant colour, but the team at Organics Notting Hill fixed it for me by giving me a semipermanent hair gloss.

Tame Your Mane This Summer At Hair Organics Notting Hill London

The service and staff at the salon were so welcoming. I felt like a part of the family and they complied with all Covid recommendations for a comfortable environment for a hair salon in 2021. The salon is family-friendly too, I was sat next to kids getting their hair cuts and a few yummy mommies. It was lovely to support a local business and spread the word as a Westend Girl! 

All of the treatments start from £175 to £275.

Hair Organics Notting Hill, 3 Ladbroke Road, London, W11 3PA
tel: 020 7229 6318
email: nottinghill@hairorganics.co.uk
 Hair Organics Putney, 68 Lower Richmond Road, London, SW15 1LL
tel: 020 8785 0816
email: putney@hairorganics.co.uk

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