My Hair Made it Through Fashion Week with Keratin Revolution

As you know fashion week is your time to shine if you work in the industry. You have to be stylish from head to toe, if you have a chance of getting snapped by any of the numerous street style photographers. This means your hair as to be on point too. You can go for traditional looks or like I did go for the dip dyed look. Some may say its over but according to ElleUk it’s still trending, but with a new twist on colouring your hair called ‘finger painting’.

This season I left NYC with a new dip dyed look headed to the last stretch of fashion weeks, London, Milan and finally home, Paris. Personal style is not a problem, but my hair always is. Why did I dip dye my hair and how am I going to take care of it on the road in between salon appointments? Keratin Revolution to the rescue. In the travel kit is the Keratin Revolution Keratin Infused Leave in Conditioner and Keratin Infused Deep Conditioning Masque.I have a dirty secret my hair looks better dirty. That is why I like leave in conditioner. Currently I like to roller set my hair before bed. It’s like giving your hair a deep conditioning treatment while you sleep. Before bed I would spray my over processed ends with Keratin Revolution leave in conditioner, roll it and wake up with bounce..

I hardly had time to play kitchen beautician. Time to pull out the Keratin Revolution Deep Conditioning Masque and grab the hotel provided shower cap and go. Apply from the roots to the end and get lost in blogging for a while. Hours later comb through your hair rinse and style to your best abilities. And yes these products work on Afro hair.Keratin Revolution’s brilliant range uses Argan Oil and Keratin Protein to fight the battle of the frizz without weighing the hair down. It does more than simply coat the hair with silicones, which is a temporary fix, but works hard to condition and seal moisture deep in the hair shaft for a lustrous shine. Until next time when I have a chance to get to the salon to get a Keratin blow dry treatment.

Charlotte Smith

Editor & Chief

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