Europe’s Safe Holiday Destinations 2020: 4 Low-COVID Spots

After all the difficulties that 2020 has brought, many of us are craving an escape overseas. Yet with constant changes in COVID infection rates, booking a trip abroad can feel a bit risky. Although nowhere can be completely risk-free at the moment, we have collated a list of four of Europe’s safe holiday destinations to visit in 2020 based on current COVID rates, hopefully providing you with some peace of mind when booking. Of course, planning a holiday that is as private as possible, such as a sailing or motor yacht charter, will significantly decrease your risk again. 

Discover Europe’s safe holiday destinations for 2020

Europe’s Safe Holiday Destinations: 2020 Guide

The Azores

These stunning Portuguese islands were declared COVID-free in early July, taking them straight to the top of our list of family holiday ideas for 2020 – the ideal yacht charter destination. The Azores are also a sustainable tourist destination, meaning you can feel good about planning a vacation here. Developed land makes up for just five per cent of the Azores’ land, meaning there is an extraordinary amount of protected nature to explore; the Azores are best known for whale and dolphin watching, as well as diving. The archipelago includes nine different islands, all of which offer unique gastronomy and natural scenery that you cannot find anywhere else in Europe. 


Europe’s Safe Holiday Destinations: 2020 Guide

With coronavirus figures that have, for the most part, stayed below 100 on any given day in a population of over 4 million, Croatia seems to have successfully contained the virus, making it one of Europe’s most safe holiday destinations in 2020. It is also an absolutely stunning spot for family vacations, with over 1,244 islands, islets and crags and so much history to explore, from Split’s Diocletian’s Palace to Dubrovnik’s ancient city walls. Despite being an increasingly popular vacation spot, it still feels somewhat off the beaten track, giving it that extra edge of excitement. 


Europe’s Safe Holiday Destinations: 2020 Guide

Montenegro has also managed to keep daily infection rates mostly below 100, at its worst reaching over 300 in July but having now dropped significantly. This signals that Montenegro’s population of over 600,000 has kept its country fairly safe throughout the pandemic. And thank goodness, for this tiny landmass, which is less than 300km from tip to toe, also claims some of Europe’s most breath-taking seaside scenery and friendliest locals. So, if you are looking for family holiday ideas for 2020, look no further, with plenty of activities such as hiking, horse riding, mountain biking and kayaking on offer to keep all ages entertained.


This idyllic island was hit quite hard initially by COVID-19, but its figures have since fallen and are seemingly on a steep decline. Within its 1.6 million population, it has kept its coronavirus cases under 1,000 per day since mid-May and is considered to be a safe holiday destination for 2020. It is also the home of crystal-clear waters and bright white sand beaches that kids will love playing on, not to mention sugar cube houses edged by bougainvillea for the grownups to admire. While here, don’t miss the mouth-watering array of food, from agnello coi carciofi (lamb stewed with artichokes) to insalata di polpo (octopus salad), as well as the classic pizza and pasta that little ones will love.

If you do decide to visit Sardinia by yacht, just remember that all travellers must complete an online registration form at least 48 hours before arriving – if you have not submitted this you will be refused entry.