Last-Minute Sustainable & Vegan-Friendly Gift Ideas

If you still have a few gifts to get or saving your gift vouchers for the day after Christmas we have a few Last-Minute Sustainable & Vegan Gift Ideas. That you or your friends need in the New Year so get a pen and take notes.

Sustainable & Vegan-Friendly Gift Ideas

Last-Minute Sustainable & Vegan-Friendly Gift Ideas


I put together a Care Package to soothe, comfort and offer TLC,  just what my neighbour with three toddlers in her life. I choose from a selection of products all suitable for vegans.

Last-Minute Sustainable & Vegan-Friendly Gift Ideas

Choose from categories including beauty, snacks, entertainment, drinks, books and more.  I chose a reusable mug she can take with her everywhere, and not burn her fingers or the kids. With some tea, chocolate and tea bags.

Vegan Wax Wrap Eco Starter Gift Bundle

Last-Minute Sustainable & Vegan-Friendly Gift Ideas

Everything you need to begin creating a plastic-free kitchen! This clever vegan eco starter bundle makes a great gift but is also useful for you too. This eco kitchen kit includes everything you need to use, look after, and clean your vegan wax wraps, making it a great gift for anyone using vegan wax wraps for the first time. 

Each vegan wax wrap eco starter bundle includes long-lasting solid dish soap and an all-natural coconut scrub pad, perfect for washing dishes and keeping your vegan wax wraps in tip-top condition. This gift bundle also includes a Two Combo Vegan Wax Wrap pack in our keep it fresh print and a rewax bar for refreshing your wraps after a couple of months of wear and tear. 

Last-Minute Gift Ideas

Last-Minute Sustainable & Vegan-Friendly Gift Ideas

NOIZE Cruelty-free to & Recycled Streetwear & Accessories

Last-Minute Sustainable & Vegan-Friendly Gift Ideas

As a PETA approved brand, NOIZE offers a wide selection of cruelty-free and made-to-last clothing and accessories. Made with love in Montreal, Canada, to keep you warm and comfy all winter. Loungewear is my everyday wear and NOIZE makes items that you like you are walking on clouds. They also are machine washable and colour safe.

Last-Minute Sustainable & Vegan-Friendly Gift Ideas

This vegan certified brand, hailing from Montreal, Canada, offers thoughtfully crafted vegan and winter coats that will keep you warm in temperatures as low as – 30 degrees. Noize create unique fashion-forward collections that are both edgy and ethical, featuring unique details of faux fur trims and faux leather

Last-Minute Sustainable & Vegan-Friendly Gift Ideas

Vine Tomato & Black Pepper candle by Emma Alington

Last-Minute Sustainable & Vegan-Friendly Gift Ideas

When wrapping presents this candle sets the mood. Think of that heady fragrance of growing tomato plants; a delicious tomato salad seasoned with freshly ground pepper; time spent simply relaxing in the garden or tending to the plants and produce.

The strong top notes of perfectly ripe vine tomato and orange give a bold outdoor-like freshness. This is complemented by the mid-tones of black pepper and enhanced by geranium, built upon a base of oakmoss and vetiver for that freshly picked aroma.

This truly enhances the glow when lit. Finished off with a hand-painted, 22k gold band on the inner rim, adding our signature touch of gold.

Happy Holidays and stay happy and healthy. But enjoy these cheat days. While you get ready for Veganuary. Follow us on Instagram.


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