Sustainable & Vegan Essentials for Holiday Cooking & Entertaining

The holiday season is here and it’s time to get cooking and enjoy the company of friends and family. The question is how to do it all sustainably? We have you covered with our Sustainable & Vegan Essentials for Holiday Cooking & Entertaining.

If You Care

Sustainable & Vegan Essentials for Holiday Cooking & Entertaining PHOTOGRAPHY BY PAT LYTTLE

NEW Eco-friendly household brandis your a one-stop shop for your ethical cleaning and baking needs. You can find the items at all major ethical grociers stores such as Ocado, Waitrose plus indie health stores, Abel & Cole, and Planet Organic. Visit Collections – If You Care UK to see the full product range– there are also household, cooking and baking products as well as tea and coffee filters.

We started using the products this summer and find them ideal for the holiday season. Us it your self or give If You Care to someone who needs a nudge to live a more ethical life. These products are truly amazing.

Sustainable & Vegan Essentials for Holiday Cooking & Entertaining PHOTOGRAPHY BY PAT LYTTLE


The All-Purpose Umami Seasoning Sauce for Plant-Rich Cooking is truly delicious. You will never need another bulion cube again all you will need is Yondu. I drop no more than a teaspoon in recipes and the dish is scrumsih. No need for added salt. Non-GMO and organic soybeans are slowly fermented in three stages to bring out savory flavors. This base is blended with the concentrated broth of eight different vegetables to balance and add delicate complexity. Yondu Vegetable Umami is a well-balanced versatile seasoning.

Yondu is for Delicious veggies. Healthy dishes. Simple & Easy cooking. It enhances the flavors of each individual ingredient while balancing the overall taste. It helps you enjoy more plant-based dishes and makes any dish taste amazing without adding extra salt, oil or butter. It reduces your cooking time and need for extra spices, since Yondu gives depth of flavor, as if your meal has been slowly simmered for a long time.


Aloha 65 – a delicous vegan white spirit, perfect with so many different winter cocktails. Aloha is a small British start up brand.  100% natural and vegan with 27% ABV.   They work brilliantly in a number of delicious serves for both winter & summer. Plus the gift boxes comes with a bottle of delsious hot sauce and a bottle of pinaapples to garnish your cocktails at any holiday party.

Aloha 65 is like nothing else. It doesn’t fit neatly into boxes marked “gin” or “vodka”. It’s a spirit drink infused with fresh pineapple, lemon, ginger, scotch-bonnet chillies and carefully selected herbs and spices. A delicious shot, a refreshing long-drink, or a unique heart of a great cocktail, Aloha 65 is all-natural, vegan, and lower in alcohol than many of the usual suspects. Surf is up so create and enjoy Aloha 65 with their cocktail inspiration. Just chill, shake, serve and share!


What chocolate with out sugar?! Yes, SIMSANTÈ has no added sugar. Their collection of handcrafted, organic and nutrient packed chocolate has more nutritional value than any other dark chocolate brand in the market. Tt is infused with ancient grains, natural essential oils, protein rich nuts, gut strengthening spices, seeds packed with omega 3 and dark chocolate rich in flavanoids and other antioxidants.

Simrin Singh, the founder and qualified Nutritionist. Combined her passion for both nutrition and chocolate, to create this dilisous chocolate. Her aim create a guilt-free nutritious chocolate, that was bursting with flavour and delectable at the same time. The options were either sugar free, using artificial sweeteners or simply plain dark chocolate, both not appetising.
Drawing on her Indian heritage and knowledge of the unique alchemy of spices, her ayurvedic know-how, and her love of the cocoa bean. She has masterfully combined the best tasting organic chocolate, full of flavour, using only natural, plant-based ingredients, rich in protein and antioxidants, bursting with goodness and sweetness only from natural ingredients and no refined sugars. Our testament to how good they are is the box is empty.

Light Up Gin Liqueur Baubles

How we wished these weren’t to heavy for the tree. This cute Light Up Gin Liqueur Baubles by Gravity Drinks will now be mini gifts for the neighbours. These Light-Up Gin Liqueur Baubles are the ultimate Christmas stocking filler.

Sustainable & Vegan Essentials for Holiday Cooking & Entertaining PHOTOGRAPHY BY PAT LYTTLE

Bursting with our delicious winter berry gin liqueur and edible 23kt gold leaf, these mini snow globes will sparkle on your tree and table. Each bauble is decorated with a perfect Christmas scene to make a festive set, and has an on/off button on the bottom to turn the light on. Shake gently to bring the snow globe scene to life.  Plus the gold ribbon is edible and press the button on the base to turn on the lights!


Caorunn, the first gin handcrafted in a malt whisky distillery, has made rapping oddly shaped gifts fun. Since Gin is the new drink of choice this brand has everything right. Caorunn {pronounced ‘ka-roon’} is from the Gaelic word for ‘Rowan Berry’. What’s

The humble rowan berry is one of five unique Celtic botanicals that are at the heart of our gin. They use Scotland’s natural pantry to hand-forage the rowan berry along with our four other Celtic botanicals; all of which can be found within a ten-minute walk of the distillery. Then they pair these with six traditional gin botanicals, to create our genius recipe. Who makes the best cocktails in your family? Then bless them with a quirky bottle of gin.

Fountain Hard Seltzer UK – Alcohol Infused Sparkling Water

When we first tried the drink we couldn’t even taste the spirits in it. The brand goal was to create a drinks company that is clear, transparent, and pure as water. Fountain is brewed with a gluten-free alcohol base and a touch of premium all-natural flavours. With only 90 calories, natural ingredients, and 5% ABV, Fountain Hard Seltzer comes in a number of fresh fruit flavours: Tart Cherry, Mango, Tangerine, Blueberry, and Passionfruit.  Tell your friends you will bring the drinks to the party.

Mogul & Dram

Mogul & Dram is a fresh and exciting blend of the finest Scotch Whisky and natural flavourings, which is carbonated to perfection. The founders Jonathan and Will lost their jobs due to the COVID-19 pandemic, they turned this in to an opportunity to take control of their futures and create Mogul & Dram. Another ethical home grown spirits brand. Sparked by a Suntory Highball. This is a Whisky & Soda which is blended with lemon and has a refreshing taste experience. It’s that time of year to get your cocktail skills uo to par.

Happy Holidays and stay happy and healthy. But enjoy these cheat days. While you get ready for Veganuary. Follow us on Instagram.