Style Cartel Horoscopes January 2022 A New Beginning

We start the year with a New Moon. A good omen! In addition to this renewing Moon, on the 2nd, Mercury goes to Aquarius. We have the force of the Moon in the Earth Element with the help of Mercury in the Air Element. It is a sign of stability for group themes. Mercury goes retrograde on January 14th.

Horoscopes January 2022

Until February 3rd, we must take some precautions. Read and reread emails, do not send messages, and make sure to confirm all reservations made. It’s time to protect your computer and phone data. Update your antivirus and back up everything. At this stage, scams are common. Companies have their data exposed and everyone is vulnerable. Protect yourself. Excellent news on the 18th. Uranus returns to its direct movement. Changes happen faster. The unlikely becomes possible. Between the 24th and 26th, Mars and Mercury head to Capricorn.

Another event that brings solidity to the month. The icing on the cake arrives on the 29th. Venus returns to its direct movement. Business is facilitated across the Planet. Money circulates and there are many companies coming together. Personal relationships also benefit. There is more love available. The scenario reveals a stable month with spicy hints on the 9th and 23rd. Goodwill is the hallmark of this month. Be happy on Earth!

Let’s organize the Lunar calendar?

02nd – NEW MOON in Capricorn – beginning of Cycle

07th – Emerging Moon in Pisces – conducive to taking strength

09th – Waxing Moon in Aries – no guarantees

15th – Gibbous Moon in Gemini – good to persevere in a theme

17th – FULL MOON in Cancer – apexes

23rd – Disseminating Moon in Libra – suitable for breaking patterns

25th – Waning Moon in Scorpio – time of collection and audit

29th – Balsamic Moon in Capricorn – conducive to healing and forgiveness

Read your Sun and Rising Sign. A good month for everyone!

Style Cartel Horoscopes



Venus makes your financial life easier. There are good deals to be made. Mars also boosts your career. You feel powerful and master of the situation. This energy is capable of moving great obstacles. A salary increase may occur. Any power in excess has costs. The demands come for your health. You forget to rest and enter a marathon of commitments. Take care. Love is going through a serious crisis.

Good days: 2,3,4,5,6,11,12,13,14,16,21,22,23,24,25,29,30,31

Taurus Style Cartel Horoscopes February 2021 Love & Chinese New Year


The Sun activates your professional life. You have good opportunities in this sector. There can be overwork and a certain exaggeration. Remember to rest. This is not the time to focus on the family. The spiritual life changes. You study the topic and connect better with the Universe. That brings a lot of serenity for you right now. Health remains strong. Pluto collaborates a lot with romance. It’s time to live a great passion. Unforgettable.

Good days: 2,3,4,5,6,11,12,13,14,16,21,22,23,25,29,30,31



Jupiter benefits you. It creates good situations at work and in love life. Enjoy! Do as much as possible until the 17th. This is when the money is at its most abundant. Reduce expenses between the 18th and the 31st. Your focus should be on your professional life. The family is not a prominent theme at this time. Be careful when driving and avoid minor accidents at home. Love goes through an excellent phase. Loving is the goal. Health remains strong.

Good days: 2,3,6,7,11,12,16,17,23,25,26



The Sun requires business with a partnership. It’s time to find good partners or join your tribe. In a group, you prosper quickly. No isolation. Put the group’s interests first. The benefits will be clear. If you are a speculator, invest in technology. There is money circulating in your month. Health gradually improves. Every day you feel stronger. Love surprises. There are interesting people in your month.

Good days: 1,2,3,6,8,9,11,12,16,18,19,23,25,29



January is the perfect month for you to change jobs. The labour sector becomes very active. There are good financial results, until the 14th. After that, only on the 4th of February. Organize your finances. It’s a month full of work and overtime. You can’t rest much. Your health needs some care, after the 20th. You feel tired. Rest. Love goes through great events. It’s time to fall in love.

Good days: 2,3,4,5,6,11,12,13,14,16,21,22,23,25,29.30



Venus doesn’t make your financial life easier in January. Stay tuned! The money comes late and you have to adjust your budget. Everything will be easier after February 4th. Knowing this, don’t buy anything more than necessary. The month has many events and parties. Check if you can go to all these events. Love is very strong. Singles should meet interesting people. Married people are in harmony. Good health.

Good days: 2,3,4,5,6,11,12,13,14,16,21,22,23,24,25,29,30



Pluto and Jupiter make your finances easier. It’s a prosperous month with new opportunities. Evaluate a new job offer. There is success in this sector. Your home and your relatives demand your attention. That’s your main theme for January. Take care of that and the rest will flow. Enjoy this moment and make an ancestral cure. Health calls for care. Rest and seek natural treatments. Love surprises. High libido and some exaggerations.

Good days: 2,3,6,11,12,16,17,22,23,25,26,30



Jupiter activates finance through creativity. It’s a month to earn money while having fun. You get good results if you’re happy. If by chance, your work is inadequate, the money will not come. Pay attention to that detail. Children and the home are important themes at the moment. Focus on these 2 sectors and everything will be easier. Health is good until the 20th. Love is going through a strong crisis. Don’t press.

Good days: 1,2,3,6,11,12,18,19,23,25,27,28



Mars boosts your month. You feel strong, brave, and independent. Excellent time to look for a better job or try new options. There is success if you are a speculator. You can notice the opportunities for good business. Health weakens. On some days you are fine, but everything changes suddenly. Be careful when driving and beware of minor accidents at home. Love is not strengthened.

Good days: 2,3,4,5,6,13,14,16,21,22,23,24,25,29,30,31

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Saturn creates a perfect setting for you. Finances are in motion. It’s time to invest or pay off debts. Money circulates quickly and, after the 20th, there is plenty of it. The month is ripe for taking care of the self. Study, work, and create an environment that comforts you. Don’t be afraid to appear selfish. The focus is on satisfying personal desires. On the other hand, love goes through difficult times. There’s not a lot of excitement in this sector. Great health.

Good days: 2,3,4,5,6,11,12,16,21,22,23,24,25,29,30,31



Get ready to connect your antennas with Cosmos. January opens the sensory doors. You become perceptive and receive a lot of information from the Universe. You have revealing dreams and mystical experiences. All of this boosts your finances. The month is very prosperous. Focus on that sector. Make money following your intuition. Seize this moment and heal the ancestors. Excellent health and love. Connection to the harmony between souls.

Good days: 3,5,6,7,12,16,17,22,25,26,30

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Jupiter collaborates a lot with your month. It brings financial advantages or a better job. Pay attention to the money sector. It is strengthened. Friends create opportunities and call you to corporate events. Use this networking well. Focus your energy on the Self. Create the life you want and invest in your personal dreams. Family is not a strong topic this month. Excellent health and slow-paced love. Marital problems.

Good days: 1,6,8,9,16,19,25,26,27,28,29

Read the COVID´s foresight published in March 2017.

Directly from the WORMHOLE by ClaudiaVannini -March, 8th,2017 A new virus appears and frightens all Continents. It is new, it is lethal and can be a mutation of H5N1, with transmission between humans. We have seen this in the past, the difference is the high lethality, reaching 48 hs post initial symptom. There is no vaccine and creates impediments in international travel and chaos at airports with body temperature control and the use of masks for protection. For the wormhole, the region where it all begins in China, Korea, Japan, Philippines. It affects a major international sports event such as the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchan. We hope scientists will act in advance. A virus that circulates between humans and is hidden in June, July and August 2017 may reach February 2018 as an epidemic. There is no relation with the Japanese Virus influenza.


Claudia Vannini