Peace Out, Dark Spots!

What is Peace Out Skincare? 

Skincare brand, Peace Out, is home to a wide range of products that target every skin concern you can think of. From dark spots to dullness, this cruelty-free line packed with high-performing actives, makes caring for your skin super easy and fun. 

The brands’ philosophy is simple. Peace Out’s mission requires bringing peace to your skin. That said that is all founder, Enrico, wanted for himself. Creating this line of skincare stemmed from being unable to find an easy-to-use solution for acne with fast-acting results. 

However, the discovery of hydrocolloid dressing – usually used to heal wounds, led to the creation of the brand’s first prototype. The Peace Out Acne Dot

Since, the brand aim to continuously produce ‘good, effective, clean and fun products’ for all. 

Today, we take a look at the brands dark spot treatment. A powerful, micro needling patch, made to brighten your complexion. 

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About Peace Out Dark Spots: 

These micro needling skin patches were designed to sink into the top layer of the skin, creating tiny pathways to deliver each powerful ingredient. Now, the term micro needling may sound somewhat frightening, but the patches are gentle as they are effective. 

Each patch consists of 430 dissolving micro needles which actively help to brighten hyperpigmentation when used twice weekly for two consecutive weeks. 


The oil-free formula consists of: 

  • Tranexamic Acid – An amino acid derivative that helps minimise the appearance of dark spots. This acid works by slowing down the excessive production of melanin 
  • Niacinamide – A form of vitamin B-3 that provides a more even complexion 
  • Licorice Extract – A botanical that helps skin to appear lighter and smoother
  • Ginger Extract – A natural root that provides a clearer skin tone

As a result of combining niacinamide with tranexamic acid, an anti-inflammatory effect is created. This helps in the process of fading discoloration. 

How to Use Peace Out’s Dark Spot Patches:

After cleansing the skin, apply a patch (textured side down) to a dark spot. Then, gently press into the skin for 5-10 seconds. It is recommended that the patch be worn overnight or at least for six hours. 

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