Modest Fashion Friday Fllumaé FW21 Collection Black-Owned & Modest

It is fashion month in the fashion meccas around the world. This Modest Fashion Friday, we head to New York fashion week, where Fllumaé FW21 Collection was launched this past Fall Winter 2021 in an online presentation. This collection speaks to the modest fashion market’s ever-growing market. It is a classic example that it is more about style than religion. Fashion Week Felt Inclusive with Black-Owned Brand’s Modest Virtual Show at NYFW.

The collection features a mix of Luxury Prêt-à-Couture and ready-to-wear womenswear pieces that are inspired by the strong women of the 70s. The modest line was developed to offer truly inclusive pieces for both modest and non-modest consumers. Vibrant velvet power suits, maxi dresses, capes, and staple separates included intricate beading and custom handmade flower details.

Fllumaé took traditional feminine silhouettes and added a masculine touch to them in jacquard silks, crepe Silks and buttery faux leathers. Pieces from the collection featured bold powerful colours like gold, emerald, purple, pinks, blues creating a beautiful fusion when it all comes together.  

As Muslim women and immigrants from war-torn Somalia, Alliiyah, Fahima, Mona, and Luul Saidi found modest fashion offerings were difficult to find here in America. The sisters joined forces to create Fllumaé, a truly inclusive modest Luxury Prêt-à-Couture and ready-to-wear brand based right here in the USA. When asked about why they created Fllumae, the sisters quipped,

“Fashion has no faith colour or shape, we want to make all women feel their very best through our designs no matter what their story is.” 

Based in Louisville, Kentucky, the brand has already shown during Arab Fashion Week and has captured the attention of the CFDA with a feature in their newsletter last week. Their Fall / Winter 2021 was released with NYFW: The Shows on today at 12:30 pm EST. 

The designs are precisely what the modest fashion girl wants—the subtle alternative to wearing an abaya every day. Because The modest fashion consumer prefers to cover it up doesn’t mean she doesn’t want a little style. Most modest fashionistas are real woman who has curves and likes to show them off in a trendy ensemble.

Modest Fashion Friday

Fllumaé is a USA based clothing line begun by four Muslim sisters, all driven by women’s empowerment through modesty. Fllumaé started as a dream to provide modest yet fashionable clothing after difficulty finding representation. The Somalian born sisters believe the spectrum of fashion is limitless, and they began Fllumaé with the vision to bridge the gap between style and modesty.

The sister creative team merged these two ideals of style and modesty. They believe modesty in fashion is a form of empowerment. Fllumaé is an inclusive brand for women of all faiths, sizes, and colour. They strive to provide a choice for the everyday woman. They focus on producing modest high-quality, fashionable clothing, leaving no woman behind.

Fllumaé FW21

Fllumaé is a US-based fashion house. We were founded by four Somali sisters, the Saidi sisters, Alliiyah, Fahima, Mona, and Lulu Saidi. The Saidi sisters are Somali refugees who came to America for a better future.

Black-Owned & Modest

Escaping a war-torn country and living in a refugee camp, they knew they had to build their dreams no matter what. Fllumaé began as a dream to provide modest yet fashionable clothing after difficulty finding representation in mainstream fashion.

New York fashion makes history with the 2nd time a modest fashion line. With the entrance of Modest Fashion Friday Fllumaé FW21 Collection Black-Owned & Modest they are ones to watch and we home to include them in our next Designers to Watch episodes. Follow us on Instagram and don’t miss the next edition of Modest Fashion Friday.