Louis Vuitton Unlocks New Levels & Launches 10 New NFTs Within Louis: The Game

In honour of the bicentennial birthday celebration of Louis Vuitton last year, the brand launched Louis: The Game. The art-forward platform game has been experienced through two million downloads, fostering community engagement around the world since its release in the late summer of 2021. We have played and agree with Highsnobiety LOUIS VUITTON’S NEW GAME IS BETTER THAN ‘FORTNITE’ ! NOW you have the chance to win a free Louis Vuitton NFT.

Louis Vuitton New Levels & 10 New NFTs

Dubbed Louis the Game, the phone app follows our protagonist, Vivienne, through six different worlds, where she needs to collect 200 candles to commemorate the birthday of Louis Vuitton. But the game isn’t like most fashion games – it is major, complex, and it is addictive.

Louis: The Game

Louis Vuitton just unlocked a new dimension to the game. Players who reach the end of the initial game can access two new expansion levels—Radiant City and High in the Sky—for Vivienne to navigate, featuring ten new NFTs to win. In addition, Vivienne can now continue her virtual adventure into Louis Vuitton’s rich heritage and history. As the journey unfolds, she uncovers more about Louis himself, from his first travels toward Paris to learning how to craft and sell custom trunks.

Louis Vuitton Unlocks New Levels & Launches 10 New NFTs Within Louis: The Game

Players who achieve advancement through these elaborate, imaginary cities now have the chance to qualify for new NFTs distributed through a raffle system until August 4th. Blurring the lines between physical and digital universes, Louis: The Game will come to life in experiential form, beginning at the Louis Vuitton family home in Asnières, before making its way to Los Angeles—with more details to be announced in the coming months. 

Louis: The Game can be downloaded through the App Store and Google Play for Android systems. 

Louis Vuitton Unlocks New Levels & Launches 10 New NFTs Within Louis: The Game

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