How To Stop Negative Self-Talk While Trying to Lose Weight

When we decide to lose weight, the way we treat ourselves can often be the most challenging part of our weight loss journey, not the actual method. Generally, we are highly derogative to ourselves to motivate ourselves to lose weight, whether we walk past a mirror and the little voice in the back tries to bring us down. 

Or, as soon as we try on an outfit that used to fit us better or have a snack that deviates away from our weight loss shakes, that inner dialogue turns on us instantly, making it easier for us to fall into that cycle of negative self-talk. Bullying ourselves will not help us during our weight-loss journey, so we’ve outlined several ways to stop negative self-talk during this process: keep reading on to find out what they are. 

Focus On Moderation 

Shot of a group of young women dancing together during a fitness class

Moderation is key to success with weight loss; if we deprive ourselves too much, we end up slipping into bad habits, and if we fall, our inner dialogue rears its ugly head. Focus on eating a varied, balanced diet with a mixture of fruits and vegetables and don’t allow yourself to get too hungry either, so ensure you have a stash of healthy snacks such as diet shakes, protein bars etc. 

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Stop Comparing Yourself To Others 

Shot of a group of young women meditating during a yoga class

One of the worst ways to fuel that hateful inner dialogue inside yourself is by comparing yourself to others. Negative self-talk strikes when you’re already feeling down about yourself, and one of the easiest ways to put yourself down is by comparing yourself and other people, making it a prime opportunity to strike. 

Ultimately, we only see what people want us to see; people don’t document their hardships and struggles for the world to judge, making them human, which means being flawed and not successful. Instead, we only see when they’re succeeding as that’s the image they want to promote to the world. 

Instead, focus on yourself and your growth, achievements, or goals, and that hateful inner dialogue will have no footing to stand on. You and your body will thank yourself for it, and it’ll make it easier to stick to your goals. 

Mind Over Matter 

Much negative self-talk stems from yourself and your mind, which can be challenging to overthrow. But adopting a positive mindset, reciting affirmations, and working on mind over matter is one of the most successful ways for silencing that inner dialogue. 

Especially with weight loss, which is a subject with so many negative connotations attached, it’s crucial for you to establish that you’re undertaking this journey for yourself, to make yourself healthier and happier – not for anyone else. 

Instead, focus on realising that a number on a scale does not define you, and so long as you are happy within your body and enjoy the food you eat, that is all that matters.