How To Spend Quality Lockdown Evenings With Your Family

Make those lockdown evenings memorable. Instead of spending hours watching Netflix movies or playing computer games, bond with your family in a fun way. We cherry picked a selection of fun, old school board games, magic tricks and construction sets that will keep your minds engaged while providing lots of laughter for the younger and the older.

The Taskmaster Board Game

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Based on the hit entertainment show hosted by the mountainous Greg Davies and his assistant Little Alex Horne. Taskmaster the Board Game brings the very essence of this peculiarly popular show to the comfort of your own home! Hours of fun for the whole family.

Rubik’s Amazing Box Of Tricks

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Amazing Magic Tricks from Marvin’s Magic. An exclusive magic set celebrating the 40th anniversary of the world famous Rubik’s Cube is just perfect for long lockdown evenings! It includes 40 superb tricks ideal for 8 years old +. Rubiks Box of 40 Amazing Magic Tricks including: Instant solve, Mind reading puzzle cube, Jumping cubes and many more.

House Of Games Board Game

The game is based on the hit BBC2 show hosted by Richard Osman. The House of Games board game is the ultimate test of knowledge and skill. Enjoy some of your favourite challenges from the show in the comfort of your home. Team up to tackle some trivia or face off against each other in the iconic Answer Smash. Who will be the House of Games champion in this competitive compendium of games?

Geomag Eco Classic Colour

Geomag world want everyone who plays with their toys, whatever their age to feel a flash of creativity, learn, build and have hours of fun. The magnetic rods, steel spheres and panels of different shapes form the magnetic construction system has made the brand famous all over the world.  Children and adults can easily create big and stable structures that stimulate their mind and imagination.  This set has 42 pieces inside, which all come in amazing bright colours. You’ll find a mix of rods, side pieces and magnetic balls. What will you engineer with your family?

30 Seconds Board Game

It’s the must-have, quick thinking, fast talking description game that will have your loved ones in hysterics! In this fast-paced general knowledge game, players have just 30 seconds to describe five names on their chosen card, to their teammates to guess! From landmarks to TV shows, celebrities to politicians, players will be kept on their toes whizzing through the list as fast as they can – strictly without saying the actual words or using any ‘sounds like’ or rhyming tactics!  The aim in 30 Seconds, where you need a minimum of 4 players (2 in each team) is to correctly identify all five of the names/things the teammate describes.  Teams advance through the board by moving forward the same number of spaces of the amount of descriptions they guessed correctly. The winning team is the first to reach the finish line. Hours of fun guaranteed.

Smartivity Music Machine

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The DIY science and engineering wooden construction sets, which are suitable for ages 6+, will not only engage young minds and inspire future makers, they will also provide the perfect rainy-day activity, promising to make learning fun and, once complete, they provide little ones with a high-quality toy to play with. The global bestseller for the brand is the mechanical Music Machine. The kit includes everything you need to build your own xylophone and experience the joy of music.

Brainstorm Toys The Earth & Constellation Globe

Lockdown sensation – literally! Why buy two globes when you can have this unique dual functioning globe. The Earth and Constellation Globe has a day-time and night-time view and is in fact two globes in one. In the daylight the 22.8cm diameter globe shows political boundaries, oceans, equator, longitude and latitude lines, country names, capital cities and other major cities for each country in the world. By night the illuminated star map shows constellations with their common names. The Earth and Constellation Globe has an automatic light sensor so when the globe is turned on and the surrounding area is dark the globe will transform into a beautiful glowing globe showing the star constellations. Hours of fun for the whole family guaranteed. Not just for geographers or astronomers in the making but anyone who loves discovering new and unknown!

DesignNest Magnetcubes

DesignNest MagnetCubes Rollercoaster Marble Run – Modular Magnetic Building means that you can build, rebuild and combine. Easily connect multiple structures together. The structure becomes a complex and impressive multi-level design. MagnetCubes gives you far more freedom to build a near infinite variety of miniature roller coasters and structures instantly. Hours of fun for the whole family!