Handbag Clinic + Selfridges ‘The Stock Market at The Corner Shop’

Luxury Brands and retailers like Selfridges are always searching for ways to stay true to their DNA and enter the sustainable fashion market. The latest London hot spot is The Handbag Clinic‘s partnership with Selfridges to launch ‘The Stock Market at The Corner Shop’. We previously trusted The Handbag Clinic, so we were eager to check out ‘The Stock Market at The Corner Shop. 

Handbag Clinic + Selfridges


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Selfridges launches The Stock Market at the Corner Shop. With this month-long circular experience, customers can uncover the value of what they already own, exchange items for Selfridges credit and restore or upcycle clothing and accessories.

Drawing inspiration from the towering 360o desks and the rotundas of data-filled screens found at the London Stock Exchange, The Corner Shop will be transformed into a ‘trading floor’, an immersive hub for buying, selling, repairing and upcycling.

Reselfridges stockbrokers will man the ‘trading desk’, encouraging customers to “go long” and enhance the value of products to keep or resell. The stockbrokers will connect visitors to the very best circular services from SOJOSneakersER,         The Handbag Clinic and Vintage Threads, as well as a series of bookable services from up cyclers in residence, making signs of wear and tear points of pride and interest, like hand-beaded moth holes or bespoke customisations including frills and applique.

The Stock Market at The Corner Shop’

Selfridges The Stock Market Corner Shop

The launch is part of Worn Again, a season of secondhand and circular shopping experiences at Selfridges. Running until August, Worn Again explores ideas, collaborations and events to keep products in circulation for longer and dial up the pleasure and reciprocity of shopping secondhand, as Selfridges aims for 45% of transactions to come from circular products and services by 2030.

Services available at The Stock Market include:

  • Resell and shop secondhand

Visitors to The Stock Market can have items from their wardrobes, such as shoes and accessories valued by a team of expert authenticators, with the option to sell to Selfridges for store credit. Secondhand clothing and accessories will also be curated from partners, including Vintage Threads and The Handbag Clinic.

  • Repair and restore

Extend the life of worn and treasured items with services that include bag repainting and repair, restoration of leather items, upcycling and downcycling of clothing and sneaker and shoe restoration. Services available from The Handbag Clinic, Vintage Threads, SneakersER and SOJO.

  • Tailoring and alterations

A team of expert tailors from SOJO will be available to make alterations to any clothes, such as hemming dresses, altering waists, re-attaching buttons and adding zips.

  • Upcyclers in Residence

A series of up cyclers in residence at The Corner Shop will help to revive wardrobes. Upcycling experts will demonstrate different ways to breathe new life into clothes through daily sessions. Sessions include screen printing, appliqué, tassels and ties and mend and reknit. Tickets will cost £10 for a two-hour slot, and profits from ticket sales will go to Oxfam.

The Stock Market at the Corner Shop will be open from 15th May – 10th June.

Link to book services

Link to book Upcyclers in Residence


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