How Handbag Clinic Restored My Givenchy Antigona Tribal Bag

The buzz word in fashion is sustainability. During the last fashion week, I noticed most editors and street stylers rocked designer bags that were probably in the back of our closets. The Handbag Clinic was definitely on to something when I asked them to restore my bag. One of my favourite bags was my Givenchy Antigona Tribal Bag, and I had run this bag to the ground.

I personally since the pandemic have started to live a more sustainable life. By sewing more instead of giving things away just because they have minor flaws. Restoring items is the way to go in 2021. Companies like The Handbag Clinic make living a more sustainable life easier. As well as returning the “L ” back in Luxury accessories like back in the day when they would repair your items because you were a client.

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How Handbag Clinic Restored My Givenchy Antigona Tribal Bag

On the last trip to Paris, I went to Givenchy to see if they could fix the tote bag. The handles had torn entirely from the bag. I was so sad when Givenchy said “they could not repair the bag;” my heart sank. When I came back to London, I found out about The Handbag Clinic. They were even sceptical about fixing the tote bag. 

How Handbag Clinic Restored My Givenchy Antigona Tribal Bag

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However, The Handbag Clinic allow you to Buy, Sell and Restore all of your luxury accessories. Why not allow them to restore my items that are just in the closet because they have lost their lustre. The success stories speak for themselves. You can get a quote online so you can resell your items and get something new too. Just upload pictures of the items to their platform.

Restoring a vintage Louis Vuitton Vanity Case

Some of their favourite restorative work is not necessarily the process of making something look brand new again, but instead, using our specialist techniques conservatively to restore and retain that vintage feel. 

Louboutin Shoe Restoration

The Louboutin Red Sole has become one of the most in-demand fashion accessories in recent years, whether worn on board room floors or dance floors, they can show signs of wear over time. As well as restoring scuffs to the leather and offering a range of traditional cobbler services we also can restore the red sole, giving that new shoe feeling all over again. Most clients have taken great care of their favourite shoes but, of course, could not avoid the sole becoming worn, so has booked them into our Clinic for a complete red restoration. 

Restoring a Hermes Birkin 35

The Hermés Birkin has outperformed Gold as a commodity every year since 1970, which is why it is critical to give your Hermés the optimum care. This particular Birkin had been reasonably well looked after and, as a result, only required minimal maintenance on its handles and corners. These areas had acquired scuffing, staining and scratches, built up over time from contact with rough surfaces and natural oils/contaminants.

Handbag Clinic Retore

By utilising their in-house products, they were able to rectify the problematic areas by meticulously removing unwanted oils/residue before then, nourishing and hand-painting the leather areas that had lost their colour. Retore the handles which had been torn from the bag and it was as sturdy as when I first purchased the bag.

It took them about a month to restore the Givenchy Antigona Tribal Bag. When I received it, it looked brand new. I could not believe the results. The Handbag Clinic was nervous about the work done they had accomplished; they were delighted to hear that I was absolutely stunned by their work. 

This has also composed me to take better care of my luxury bags to have a more sustainable fashion life. Because, like Diana Ross says, “if you like nice things, you have to take care of them. For more hot tips, follow us on Instagram or sign up for our monthly newsletter. 

Photos: Nuria Revuelta