Face Workout With FaceGym Medi Lift Mask

It’s not a typical work out, and it’s not a traditional mask. FaceGym combined the two into one super powerful, hands-free solution to skin rejuvenation. Up your facial fitness goals and give your skin a HIIT workout with this high-tech face sculptor!
We recently had a chance to test cry medicine lift facial using this mask at Manchester Face Gym Studio.

Start with ball


My lovely therapist talked me through each step of the facial before we got started. She started with the Facegym ball to relieve tension, improve muscle tone and circulation. The ball is used as the workout warm up, to boost lymphatic drainage and to prep the skin for the workout ahead. The massage helps tone and sculpt the eye area, cheekbones and jawline. This was incredibly relaxing, although sometimes, when the therapist applied to the jawline, it felt slightly uncomfortable. But the result was worth it. All the muscle tension in this area was gone.

Gua sha


The facial continued with a gua-sha massage made from medical-grade stainless steel and for the best result is to keep it in the fridge for extra cooling benefits. It’s perfect to ease away areas of tension, reduce puffiness and contour the face.

Medi Lift Mask


Next step was the medi lift mask. It made me look like an alien, but it delivered the astonishing results. Using state of the art electrical muscle stimulation technology, targeting the cheeks and lower face, deep facial muscle stimulation helps activate, tighten and tone the zygomaticus and masseter muscles to kickstart the skin’s vitality and improve firmness. It also gives fantastic volume to the cheek area, helping lift the mid and lower face, which can get heavy with age. Three program settings and six intensity levels allow you to truly customise your facial workout, resulting in visibly brighter, firmer and lifted skin after just 10 minutes of use.

Micro needling


The following step was hylauronic acid micro needling roller. 3000 non-invasive micro-needles, filled with pro-grade hyaluronic acid, centella asiatica and peptides which open the skins micro channels delivered targeted hydration. My skin was glowing.

Cryo Oxygen

Finally, a powerful shot of cryo oxygen was the cherry on the cake. It provided deep hydration and locked in moisture in my very dehydrated skin. My therapist explained, that it promotes cellular rejuvenation and soothing the skin’s texture. The skin was glowing, my jawline shaped and my cheekbones definitely looked more defined.