Essentials For New Mum

Becoming a new mum is such an emotional and often overwhelming experience. We always want to be ready for our arrival and make sure we give our new baby everything they need to be healthy. With array of baby products out there, its not easy to make the decision, so we decided to select some of the top essentials that will certainly make new mum’s life easier.

The Little Green Sheep Sleeping Bag & Blanket

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Organic must have set for any new mum. This beautiful organic baby blanket is breathable, soft and lightweight to gently mould around your baby keeping them safe and cosy all year round. And to support your baby’s good night sleep, give your little one the gift of comfort with The Little Green Sheep’s rice print quilted sleeping bag. Made from a super soft and unique luxury organic linen and cotton blend, it’s ideal for your baby’s delicate skin. 2.5 Tog, suitable for all-year-round sleep.

Tommee Tippee Ultra UV 3-in-1 Steriliser

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All parents want to protect their little ones, that’s why our sterilisers are designed to kill viruses and 99.9% of bacteria. Bacteria in leftover milk can cause nasty tummy bugs, so it’s important to sterilise all your baby’s feeding kit. The Ultraviolet (UV) light in this steriliser kills 99.9% of micro-organisms including bacteria and mould. There’s no steam, no chemicals, just a safe and simple way to sterilise, dry and store your baby’s bottles and accessories. UV light is a safe and dry method of sterilising without using heat, steam or harsh chemicals.  You can rest assured that it sterilises those hard to reach areas, getting rid of germs that may linger in bottles, teats, breast pumps and other accessories even after thorough washing.

Lansinoh Smartpump 2.0 Double Electric Breast Pump

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Ideal for new mum who decides to breast feed with some extra help. This SmartPump 2.0 Double Electric Breast Pump is the quietest breast pump yet while still having adjustable hospital strength suction levels. It is lightweight with an ergonomic carrying handle, which means it’s easy for you to take it to work or on your next big trip, or just carry around the house as you do your daily routine. Named the Smartpump, for a reason – the Lansinoh Smartpump 2.0 Double Electric Breast Pump seamlessly connects to the Lansinoh Baby 2.0 app via Bluetooth to automatically track your pumping sessions. The setup guide and personalised dashboards on the Baby 2.0 app makes pumping easy to understand. The hygienic closed system breast pump helps prevent milk backup into the tubing for easier clean-up. the Smart Pump 2.0 comes with everything new mum needs to get started on her expressing journey, including both comfort fit breast cushions.

Foga Shakes

Forget shop bought, sugar-laden smoothies, FOGA has a healthier solution.  With new mums having little time to make healthy food, FOGA has a new wellness solution that suits them perfectly. The shakes combine over 150g of freeze-dried organic fruits, vegetables and superfoods with FOGA’s new food state multi-nutrient complex – an innovative technique of infusing vitamins into organic buckwheat sprouts to create food state nutrients for easy absorption and maximum bioavailability. Whizz your Foga in the FOGAMATIC USB charge portable blender,  to enjoy anywhere at any time – it’s the ultimate on-the-go health solution.

Margaret Dabbs London Pure Repairing Hand Cream

Any new mum needs fast acting hand cream. The PURE Repairing Hand Cream is a Hand Cream with a clear difference. This is an intensive repairing formulation with Pentavitin to provide powerful, lasting and deep hydration, Vitamin F Forte will help nurture, protect and condition excessively dry, stressed skin. For those who suffer with chronically dry, dehydrated, chapped, irritated or cracked skin of the hands, the fast absorbing formula penetrates the skin for instant nourishment, leaving hands feeling light, soothed and silky smooth.

Bjork & Berries Body Serum

A concentrated oil serum enriched with a blend of borage seed oil, sunflower seed oil, organic birch leaf extract and jojoba seed oil, to deeply moisturise and help revitalise the skin. Rich in omega 3, 6 and 9 as well as the natural antioxidant vitamin E, it nourishes and protects the skin from dehydration. It is easily absorbed and gives instant moisture, keeping the skin glowing throughout the day.

Kaloo Stimuli Collection

Inspired by the cuddliest of kittens, the Stimuli collection not only offers an abundance of toys that are engaging, ideal for sensory playtime, but are also guaranteed to look stunning in any nursery. With a Scandi inspired colour palette and feline characters with the sweetest smiles, the unisex collection, that is suitable for newborns, is sure to be a hit with little ones and parents alike! 

Cheeky Chompers Teething Survival Kit

 This cheeky travel pouch contains everything you need to combat teething troubles. The trendy, zip up, water-resistant pouch includes three of Cheeky Chompers bestselling teething essentials including : Neckerchew Teething Bib, Chewy the Hippo Teether and Flexi-Brush Toothbrush.

Dr Bronner’s Unscented Body Range

With no added fragrance and double the olive oil, the Baby Unscented soap comes in a liquid and bar soap form. Not only are the soaps suitable for the most sensitive of skin (that of both babies and new mums), but they are also great for just about any cleaning tasks (laundry, toys, utensils, reusable nappies, you name it!), making it every new mums must have.

Science Of Skin Solution For Stretch Marks

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Developed by skin and scarring experts, this super moisturising formula contains active natural ingredients including green tea extract, micro algae and vitamins C and E to help reduce the appearance of stretch marks caused by pregnancy, weight gain or growth spurts. Targeting problem areas such as the breasts, thighs, hips and tummy, it also helps to soothe symptoms such as sore, uncomfortable and irritable feeling skin. Vegan-friendly and paraben, alcohol and fragrance free.

Plantopia Energise & Uplift This Glows Day Serum 

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This radiance-boosting powerhouse is a potent cocktail of derma-nutritious ingredients, from brightening AHAs and Vitamin C to skin-essential minerals. A multifunctional, fast-absorbing, and non-greasy serum, formulated to help reduce the skins visible signs of fatigue. Helps to protect against the stresses of daily life and recharge skin to restore equilibrium and reignite a fresh-faced, healthy-looking glow. Ideal after sleepless nights.

Naturecan Oil 10% CBD

CBD has set a trend in holistic health and wellness, and Naturecan have an extensive range of skincare products which calms, care and nurtures the skin, as well as helping to lift your mood through natural and organic broad-spectrum lab approved CBD. This 10% CBD Oil is broad-spectrum cannabidiol oil (CBD) extracted from certified organic hemp combined with only pure organic MCT carrier oil – a great choice for new mum looking to harness the power of this all-natural extract.

L’Occitane Fragrance & Shower Gel

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Perfect to refresh and invigorate new mum after another sleepless night. This light body gel transforms into an icy water giving an instant refreshing sensation. Italia lemon and cedar essential oils revitalise, while menthol immediately cools the skin for a newfound well-being. For an even cooler effect, pop the body gel in the fridge overnight.

Institut Esthederm Excellage Serum

This innovative serum cream will tackle all types of ageing including chronological, hormonal and environmental and also signs of sleepless nights. Formulated for skin that is weakened, sagging or thinning and lacking radiance and comfort; this luxurious serum-cream will immediately nourish and leave the skin feeling firmer and naturally luminous. It’s comfortable, soft and velvety smooth texture feels pleasant to the touch and also contains soft-focus pigments for a blurring effect.

Westlab Salts

Encouraging mums to add a regular self-care ritual to their nightly routine, the SLEEP salts create a fragrant, mineral-infused bath that signals to the body that it’s time to sleep and prepares the mind for a peaceful night ahead. Containing magnesium from Epsom and Dead Sea Salts to relax the mind and body, jasmine and lavender essentials oils to calm and soothe and valerian to promote peaceful sleep, a bath in SLEEP bathing salts will leave bathers ready for a deep, restorative night’s sleep – something every new mum could use some of!