It is that time of the year to buy women’s watches.  Great news from BULGARI  as they unveil NEW DIVAS’ DREAM AND ALLEGRA JEWELLERY WATCHES. The boldness of the Roman jeweller is brought to life in six new colourful designs of its cocktail watches and one exceptional Haute Horlogerie Minute Repeater timepiece.  Get the women in your life a timepiece that will get her ready for a new chapter in her life.

Contrasting, joyful, tangy and unexpected, the BVLGARI colours are luscious, refreshing and poetic. They are the signature of the Roman jeweller, who plays with shapes, sizes and settings to create original and mesmerising compositions like cocktails to be worn on the wrist.

Fine Jewellery Friday


Since the 1950s, BVLGARI’s style has magnified cabochons and bold colour associations while giving pride of place to creations that dare to use brightly-hued stones. This emblematic aesthetic signature is vividly expressed in its iconic Divas’ Dream and Allegra watch collections.




Featuring a blend of gemmological know-how and Swiss watchmaking expertise, BVLGARI watches have a jewellery soul endowed with dainty and surprising complications.

BVLGARI introduces the Divas’ Dream Minute Repeater, an Haute Horlogerie watch that shines with the boldness of the Jeweller of Time. In a 37 mm-diameter case set in diamonds reflecting the fiery glow of opal, the Divas’ Dream presents one of the most beautiful horological complications: a minute repeater. Powered by BVL 362 Calibre, the world’s thinnest repeater movement, the timepiece appears adorned with original jewellery details, along with a chiming mechanism cleverly activated by a fan-shaped tassel at 8 o’clock. An iconic aesthetic recalling the fact that the Divas’ Dream collection was inspired by the famous Roman mosaics and the emblematic fan-shaped motifs of the Baths of Caracalla.

“This timepiece testifies to our desire to offer mechanical complications for women, paying as much attention to their aesthetics as to their technical characteristics. This Divas’ Dream jewelry watch with its dial made of opal is full of charm and, on top of that, it incorporates a minute repeater –  a very sophisticated and complex mechanism, that strikes hours, quarters and minutes with a specific tone”, – explains Antoine Pin, Bulgari Watch Division Managing Director.  


Time chimes and resonates with exquisite poetry

This classic minute repeater complication expressed in extremely miniaturised form sets the pace of time within an unparalleled 3.12 mm slim movement. Graced with an eminently horological and exquisitely feminine design, the Divas’ Dream Minute Repeater invites all the colours of the opal light spectrum onto its dial. The result is magical and daring with its minute repeater chime subtly activated via a fan-shaped tassel at 8 o’clock.

The 37 mm white gold case topped by a diamond-set bezel encapsulates the world’s thinnest minute repeater: BVL 362, a reminder of the number of parts composing the hand-wound Manufacture movement, a highly miniaturised mechanism that chimes on demand. Revealed for the first time in the Octo Finissimo Minute Repeater model, BVL 362 Calibre has redefined the standards of mechanical movements and complications with a two-hammer minute repeater function, while setting a world record for slimness. Developed and manufactured in-house, it measures and chimes the time on demand, endowed with a 42-hour power reserve. This movement embodies the dual aesthetic and technical expertise of BVLGARI as the Jeweller of Time.

A snow setting adorns the two fan-shaped lugs of the midnight blue alligator strap, while the crown is set with a diamond cabochon.

The Divas’ Dream collection epitomises Italian elegance, a singular personality, atypical beauty and emblematic style. Its intriguingly mysterious allure draws every gaze to BVLGARI watches conceived as jewels that always push the limits of form and function.


Divas’ Dream embodies the delicate touch of the jeweller’s hand: stones subtly highlighted by a corolla of mobile openwork petals. The signature of this collection is an array of distinctive “fan” motifs set with hard stones and diamonds, contrasting with tangy round-cut stones in astonishing yet perfectly matched colours.

The aesthetic is reminiscent of ginko leaves, symbolising the unity of opposites. An opposition that the Roman jeweller skilfully masters with inimitable elegance, cleverly blending the properties of the hard stones – robust, ideally suited to being crafted in fine leaves and featuring a very ornamental look with its dials and mobile elements.

Intense green and fuchsia pink or soft pink and sunny yellow

The green of malachite with its mesmerising stripes combines with the energising pink of the tourmalines, while the soft powdery pink of opal is contrasted with sunny citrines. A corolla of eight ginko leaves reveals an iridescent mother-of-pearl dial and highlights a diamond-set bezel. Each of the watches has matched its bracelet with its hard stone alter ego in intense green or powder pink.

ALLEGRA embodies joie de vivre. The freedom of liberated and uninhibited ways of wearing jewellery. Boldness in terms of shape, size and setting. An association of crisp, zesty colours – whether pink or yellow sapphires, pink tourmalines, citrines, peridots or rhodolites – appears in an unexpected cocktail of cuts: cabochon, oval, heart, emerald. Watches that sparkle and shine on the wrist like so many festive moments to set your own pace. The cabochon – the non-faceted stone exalted by the light – intensifies its magnetic character. 

Pink or yellow sapphires

More than 9 carats of stones intertwine and dance happily around a mother-of-pearl dial enhanced by diamond hour-markers and a gemset bezel. In an unexpected sequence of stone sizes, types and colours, Allegra invites the gemsetting to reveal the jeweller’s expertise in colour, through stones perfectly matched with the pink or yellow of its gold and the soft hues of its bracelet.

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