Balmain , Barbie And NFT Collection Oh My! Out Today

Paris-based Balmain under the creative direction of Olivier Rousteing has teamed up with con a 50-piece collection of apparel, accessories as well as an NFT launch. In an exchange with the NY Times on the project, Rousteing stated, “Having Barbie in my Balmain Army, making a collection inspired by her where there are no boy clothes or girl clothes, is my small revenge. I think Barbie represents a joyful dream world. There’s nothing wrong with a dream. But let’s push the dream and not dream of the ’50s or ’60s, but 2022. For me, it’s a lot more than just a commercial project. It’s very emotional.”

Balmain X Barbie And NFT

Rousteing provided some additional backstory on Instagram where he wrote, “So this collaboration is more than just a collaboration. There is a message stronger than just a color card. When I was a little boy , I remembered hearing comments saying : a girl plays with Barbie , a boy with a car. This is such a cliché. As much as blue is for boy , pink is for girls.

And NFT Collection Oh My!

That’s why I love so much this collaboration because Balmain and Barbie are bringing and stopping clichés and bringing a new era where FREEDOM is the right word. I feel so proud of this collaboration because we building a world where you are defined by gender, neither colours nor codes that are not relevant today anymore.
I am proud of this picture because it shows that the beauty of letting dreams with freedom from a young age will make you a free adult with passion.”

Balmain and Barbie will launch in Balmain stores and on on January 13, 2022. Bidding for Balmain and Barbie’s NFTs will begin on January 11th on