New Year New Mummy

We love the start of New Year. It feels like a new beginning. It’s the opportunity to rethink our priorities, set nice goals while appreciating what’d behind us. And with the start of New Year, here comes new mummy. The woman, who feels confident in her own skin and knows, how to look after herself. With our selection of beauty products, you are ready to discover your new self.

Pmd Clean Pro With Rose Quartz

January is the time to make changes! This device will relax you, while giving your complexion a radiance boost!The award-winning PMD Clean PRO RQ will add a touch of self-care luxury to your daily skincare routine. This unique self-heating beauty device combines cutting-edge technology with healing Rose Quartz crystal to turn your cleansing routine into a daily spa facial, leaving your complexion clear, rejuvenated and radiant. 
This device is a luxurious way to care for your complexion and wellbeing on a daily basis.The self-heating massage feature not only enhances your skincare, but also promotes relaxation. The calming warmth will help you to unwind and pamper yourself.

Réduit Spa Gold

You will love this skincare devices with added ‘boost’ function for enhanced speed and intensity. UNI – universal device that perfectly fits in the palm of the hand. It’s minimal, lightweight, ergonomically smaller and designed as a fashionable, accessible option for the current economic climate. The compact UNI device is ideal for everyday use and as a travel companion, with a ‘boost’ option which increases the intensity and delivers treatments in less time, with less effort.

Bioeffect EGF Power Cream

New Year

A deeply nourishing, luxurious EGF face cream that is a multi-tasking miracle worker – targeting loss of firmness and density, dehydration, wrinkles as well as age spots. It also makes a great date product for valentines date night prep. Applied before makeup it creates a perfect healthy base ensuring makeup applies smoothly and evenly.

35 Thousand Really Radiant Cream

New Year

A luscious ‘facial-in-a-bottle.’ Nourishes, plumps and cocoons skin, giving that elusive ‘well-rested’ glow.  Containing the unique OTG-7 complex, the Really Radiant Cream will boost your complexion, whilst potent vitamins and amino acids nourish and energise. Sandalwood tree extract firms, hyaluronic pearls hydrate and light reflective minerals leave skin beaming.

The Organic Pharmacy Rose Diamond Skincare Kit

New Year

Give the gift of blemish free, soothed skin this Christmas. This set will leave complexions feeling clean and fresh with the help of pore minimising ingredients Peppermint, Eucalyptus, Green Tea and Manuka. A brilliant set for everyday care specifically those with blemish prone skin or suffering from maskne.

Revision Skincare DEJ Day & Night Cream

New Year

Enter New Year with this super powerful beauty duo. D·e·J Face cream is an intensive skin-renewing moisturiser inspired by the Dermal-Epidermal Junction (a critical factor in skin ageing), this helps improve the visible signs of ageing from multiple pathways and features prebiotic innovation for a healthy microbiome. D·e·J night Face cream on the other hand is an intensive night time moisturiser with a unique combination of time-released 0.25% Retinol, formulated to work while you sleep, and Bakuchiol, that boosts efficacy whilst minimising the irritation of Retinol. Softens the look of fine lines and wrinkles overnight, whilst balancing the skin’s own Microbiome with prebiotic Technology.