KidSuper & ‘Heal Your Soul, Heel Your Sole’ Sneaker Collaboration

Street Wear Fashion trailblazer KidSuper during Paris Men’s Fashion Week dropped another footwear concept in collaboration with Zellerfeld.  The company specialising in 3D-printed footwear. The duo drop theWith the ‘Heal Your Soul, Heel Your Sole’ campaign.  Hidden meaning with love and a high tech piece of footwear.

KidSuper Sneaker Collaboration

After unveiling their first collaborative play-doh-style mule in 2021, dubbed the ClaySuper, KidSuper and Zellerfeld reconnect for an all-new footwear concept debuting at Men’s Paris Fashion Week 2022 on June 24, 2022, marking the second silhouette to realise the two industry is defining industry-defining collaborators.

KidSuper & ‘Heal Your Soul, Heel Your Sole’ Sneaker Collaboration

The ‘Heal Your Soul, Heal Your Sole’  shoe is a custom-made footwear concept which takes on a contemporary approach to a men’s platform heel, uniquely designed to KidSuper’s vision.  Featuring a fully functional heel printed with mixed textures and a closed seal outsole, all in an eye-catching royal-blue for the runway. Continuing KidSuper’s affection for portrait style design and use of painterly portraits within his collections, the shoe also features faces – o think outside the box fully printed on the shoe’s vamp and heel counter.

KidSuper & ‘Heal Your Soul, Heel Your Sole

KidSuper & ‘Heal Your Soul, Heel Your Sole’ Sneaker Collaboration

“3D printing has allowed me to think outside the box fully; when designing these shoes, I kept telling myself that anything is possible; there are no restrictions. This thought process has never been possible in the shoe industry until now. I can’t wait to show you what I come up with next.” – Colm (KidSuper)


The shoe presents a wildly experimental concept and extraordinary design that stretches the possibilities of 3D printed footwear creation. A groundbreaking innovation that is unmatched in comparison to today’s footwear releases.  The  is a concept only shoe with an unknown release date.

KidSuper & ‘Heal Your Soul, Heel Your Sole’ Sneaker Collaboration

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