Homme Boy Style – Harry Styles

About Harry Styles

Fashion’s favourite male celebrity needs no introduction. From his early days as a member of One Direction over 10 years ago, to his current success as a solo artist; with a dabble in film as an actor in the 2017 film Dunkirk; it’s a wonder how Harry Styles has the time to be just so fashionable. But thankfully for all of us, he does.

His first album went to no.1 in the UK and USA; whilst his second album was listed by Rolling Stone magazine as one the ‘500 Greatest Albums of All Time’ last year. Throughout his career as a singer he has earned several accolades; including a BRIT Award, a Grammy Award, and an American Music Award.

Harry Styles and His Style

His style has also transformed over the years. In his One Direction days, it was all about skinny jeans, bold suits, and heeled boots; whereas his current style has been noted as flamboyant, fun, and fashion-forward. Erika Harwood from Vanity Fair called his change in style as ‘boy-bander’ to ‘luxury suit connoisseur’; whilst fashion designer Michael Kors called him ‘the modern embodiment of British rocker style: edgy, flamboyant and worn with unapologetic swagger’. He has won the British Style on three occasions, and last year was voted by GQ as ‘Most Stylist Man of the Year’ and he also became the first man to ever appear solo on the cover of Vogue.

Harry Styles has had an unrivalled impact on fashion – according to ‘lyst’, searches of men’s leather trousers went up 100% in 24 hours after his performance at the Grammy Awards.

He isn’t afraid to ignore societies gender-stereotypes when it comes to clothing, and this has prompted some important discussions about gendered fashion.

For this issue of Homme Boy Style, I’m not suggesting every guy needs to find his feminine side and wear pearls and dresses and frill or sheer clothing. In fact; this edition will look at how Harry Styles wears some more wearable pieces that you could add to your wardrobe. But for those who want to experiment, now is the best time to do so; without fear and with confidence of dressing for and being comfortable with oneself.

How to Dress like Harry Styles

Wide-leg Trousers

Wide-leg trousers are currently one of menswear biggest trend; but moving away from jeans and slim trousers to this new style can be daunting. To make this work, look for block-colour trousers, with either no or a very minimal/simple pattern –  the key here is to keep the outfit looking de-cluttered, and things like chequered patterns will make it look messy.

For the ultimate Harry Styles flex, these by Gucci are a great option. However, budget and high street brands like COS, ASOS and Zara all have great options too.

Gucci Cotton-Corduroy wide-leg trousers from matchesfashion.com, £850


I know what you may be thinking – knitwear as we move into summer, are you crazy? But hear me out – rather than chunky knitwear, look for sleeveless knitwear. It works as a great layering tool, without overheating you and making you sweat. Because of this, it doesn’t matter whether it’s thick or thin, however a thinner layer will be more versatile for the colder months.

This sweater vest by Prada is made of light-weight wool, and its’ neutral colour means it can be worn with most trouser colours.

Prada black square-jacquard wool sleeveless sweater from matchesfashion.com, £670

Colour Blocking

One of the biggest Instagram trends at the moment is colour-blocking outfits, which is when your entire outfit is a similar colour throughout. The key to making this trend work, is to have slightly different shades of the same colour, rather than the exact same shade top to bottom. For the spring and summer months neutral tones always work well; but for those looking to be a bit more adventurous, you should try it with pastel colours instead. It’s the perfect way to make a statement without being over the top.

Try this pair of linen-cotton blend pink shorts, white short-sleeve shirt, and this vest over the top for a cool summer outfit. Add some summer accessories and a pair of low-top trainers to complete the look.