What Does Lockdown 3.0 Mean For Our Hair?

Lockdown measures have become all but normal to the majority of us, the announcement of Lockdown 3.0 has seen many businesses close their doors once more, however, despite the challenges, director of Soho hair salon SALON64, Ricky Walters and his team are remaining positive, here’s how.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if we could still receive a luxury salon service despite the restrictions? Well SALON64 Is doing exactly that!

“Being thrown back into lockdown for a third time is of course hard to digest, not just for business owners but for absolutely everyone. Given less than a month from Lockdown 2.0, our team of hairdressers worked round the clock to squeeze in as many clients as possible, on some occasions not returning from the salon until midnight or later.”

Despite it being a challenging year for most, Ricky and his team have said that they have never seen so much positivity before! With clients expressing their desires for light-hearted conversation with their hairdressers while sipping on a coffee or cocktail. The appreciation for beauty services is at an all-time high!

What Is SALON64 Doing?

SALON64 has taken the initiative during lockdown to better themselves by leading regular meetings and seminars together on Growth Mindset. Giving the team the opportunity to understand human phycology better, while learning coping methods, and positivity, influencing their clientele to do the same in this uncertain period.

With a few lockdowns to learn from, SALON64 has cracked it! Online consultations are available to teach you how to cut your own hair from the comfort of your own home. That hair glow up isn’t so unreachable after all! Salon64 shares some secrets from the stars of the salon..

50 SHADES OF GREYS – (Leanne Chadwick, SALON64 Colourist)

“Firstly, ask your hairdresser if they can provide you with any salon professional colour for you to touch up your roots. Perhaps not having to opt for something as permanent or technical as they would use your salon could create a stainer to see you through the next few weeks.  You want to avoid box colour at all costs! 

One of my favourite brands is Colour Wow who offer a wide range of coloured powders to hide even the most stubborn greys. Applied and it looks very similar to a brow palette. Simply select your shade and then start to disguise those greys. You literally just dab on the powder and blend with the brush provided. Easy!! L’Oréal also offer root touch up sprays which are equally amazing for this. 

Keeping the greys away but also keeping your hair healthy! I’m all about good healthy hair.”

CONDITIONING AFRO HAIR – (Ricky Walters, founder of SALON64)

Afro hair is far more fragile than Caucasian hair and therefore must be treated differently. Staying away from heated tools to style Afro hair is a must! And there are such a variety of techniques to achieve nearly every result. One of my favourite techniques is the two-strand twist. On wet hair, taking small sections as if you are going to do a plait, and splitting the section in two. Wrap the two sections round one another continuously and tightly, this should end up looking like a twisted rope almost. Repeat this section by section all over the head and leave to dry and set for one day. I recommend making sure each section is very wet and covered in product of conditioner. 

The next day when you remove your twists you will have amazing frizz-free waves, and all without using any heated appliance.”

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