RAY CHU LFW Autumn – Winter 2022 Collection

RAY CHU LFW Autumn – Winter 2022 Collection with the accelerated digitalisation of the pandemic era, the RAY CHU Autumn – Winter 2022 Collection was presented at London fashion week in the digital form. With the theme ‘CHAPTER IIII TOUCH ME’, showcased with the British  Fashion Council on Saturday, 19th February at 2.30 pm (UK Time).

RAY CHU Autumn – Winter 2022 Collection

The Autumn – Winter 2022 Collection presents 20 unique sets with a unique distinctive and contemporary aesthetic. The Touch Me collection pays homage to sensuality with an experimental implementation.  RAY CHU is another contemporary designer who is tapping into the Genderfluid  generation . Since most of us are addicted Euphoria character Jules. This collection is so Jules. Animi meets gamer wear.


This season, RAY CHU included bold silhouettes, and introduced more subtle color palette with intricate designs exuding strong  statements: Chill, Sage Green; Warm Ivory; Glossy Noir are three key colors, illustrating more of a relaxed, laidback but  remaining a desire for climactic feelings through figurative visual expressions of personal desires. The RAY CHU logo and motifs have also made their way into the collection and have been applied all over, throughout prints,  embroideries, patches, cut outs, organic design lines, and the JWL lines, to link all the pieces together.

RAY CHU LFW Autumn – Winter 2022 Collection

Ray Chu’ love affair with art continued in this season with an extraordinary collaboration for this season, with the artist Draw  Me Denis, whose works are mostly LGBTQ+ group portraits from a personal perspective and fantasies. His iconic, provocative yet humorous artwork “Touch Me”- from which the collection takes the name- represented with the rubber gloves holding a banana covered by liquid, and “white socks fetish”, have been included using graphics to symbolize the fetish climax. 

In addition to the collection, Ray Chu has been working with Miss21’ to introduce a vegan leather shoes line, with a sense of  fetish, that can also be purchased.  Being a positively conscious sustainable label, the designer collaborated with the Taiwanese LAB 808 and co-created a new vegan leather using recycled tea leaves and recycled plastics. All faux leather pieces are from this vegan fabric. 

London Fashion Week for us was championing sustainable designers and showcasing their talents. What do you think does Ray Chu deserve a follow.?

RAY CHU LFW Autumn – Winter 2022 Collection

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