Why Halloween Is The Best Fashion Holiday

When you look past all the clichés, Halloween can be the perfect time to pull a look. I’m serious, who doesn’t want to live the Morticia Addams fantasy and parade around in a gothic ball gown. For one night only (or a weekend if you’re up for it) you have the chance to be the witch you’ve always wanted to be – and no one will bat an eyelid.

Morticia Dons A Fabulous Floor Length Gown

I personally love all the cheesy Halloween movies, for example Hocus Pocus. Yes, it’s aimed at kids, but no one can deny the style that the witches ooze. Autumnal colours, corsets, capes… all of which you will find in stores now. They were so ahead of their time. Dressing like a witch has made its way into global fashion weeks, there are always brands that capitalize on the dark and gothic looks – these must be celebrated at all costs! The Sanderson sisters will always be in style, and not just because of their eternal youth/child-eating habit.

The Sanderson Sisters From Hocus Pocus

Do You Have To Look Scary?

However, some don’t like to go scary for costumes. You will find an abundance of sexy Disney princesses or sexy nurses roaming the streets on the 31st, it sometimes feels as if you must either go hyper-scary or hyper-sexualized without a medium in between. No judgments on either camp though, live your best Halloween lives and don’t let anyone give you their opinions.  

Princess Halloween Inspo For The Whole Squad

Bobs, Bobs Are Everywhere

Another sub-genre of Halloween fashion is the Tarantino femme fatal. Also known as Uma Thurman. Countless film fans don a bob cut wig and white shirt to replicate the iconic Mia Wallace, Pulp Fiction’s answer to style. Trust me, every year you will scroll past at least five of these costumes. If one doesn’t feel like a wearing a dark bob, the other alternative for Tarantino/Thurman fashion is The Bride (aka Uma Thurman’s character) in Kill Bill. Now, yellow isn’t everyones favourite colour, but there’s no denying that wearing a yellow, skin-tight jumpsuit makes you feel like a powerful legend. And if Tarantino isn’t your thing, there’s always Tim Burton for the film fanatics.

Uma Thurman Rocks A Bob

When In Doubt Wear All Black

If you feel like going low effort, you can just dress as a ‘goth’. Granted, with all the subcultures etc. these days, many may embody the gothic look on the daily. However, if this isn’t your usual style and perhaps you’re running late for the party, you can quickly grab those dark clothes and go a bit over the top on the eyeliner. Hey, it’s not scary, but it’ll do. Pretend you’re in The Craft, but maybe don’t summon a demon.

A Chilled Out Evening With Friends

So, maybe I’m just biased towards Halloween, as my wardrobe is primarily black and red – but I truly think it is a time to pull a look and dress fabulously.

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