Covid Street Wear Fashion Editorial

Are you missing Fashion as much as we are, what to wear after a year dominated by isolation? Not doing or going anyway where. Denim and sneakers or course has no age demographic or trend. Anything comfy and chunky for both sexes has our boyfriends asking can we make the look sexier?

Covid Street Wear Fashion

It was a lost summer, but autumn fashion brings fresh hope and potential for more lockdown love. It is layering denim, tracksuits and workout gear.  All we can do these days in work at home, go to the store and maybe the gym. But at least we are alive and kicking.

Boy Meets Girl 2020

Nowadays it’s all about just changing the hat for guys because with a classic corduroy denim suit you can wear every day.  A woman also has to change the top and through on some funky jewellery.

Covid Street Wear Fashion Editorial

Fashion Together Street Wear

Covid Street Wear Fashion Editorial

Layering can be with tracksuit bottoms over jeans too. It is all in the way you style it. Workout gear is now luxury stylish with key pieces to keep the look functional.

Street Wear Fashion

Covid Street Wear Fashion Editorial

Is this what Covid Fashion Looks like? Will we all be sneaking out to rave dressed like this? The Fashion of 2020. Don’t forget to stay safe. Black Lives Matter.

Wardrobe :

Wrangler, BALENCIAGA SuperDry, Vegan Happy, Fila, Harem London,S hahini Fakhourie , lululemon and Raw Wear


Anna-Karin Karlsson & NP Jewllery


Jasmine THOMAS


Praise Llori

Jordan Godchaser

Rose Stephenson-Ramirez

Stylist: Charlotte Smith

Stylist Asst:

Karran Rjani


Merveille Wonder

Charlotte Smith

Editor & Chief

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