Top 3 Healthy Living Products of the Month CBD to Plant Shakes & Teas

It is almost time to start celebrating getting back to everyday life with our Top 3 Healthy Living Products of the Month. CBD to Plant Shakes & Teas. What products have you been using that helped you get through the pandemic? For me, if you have been following my CBD stories, then you know that it has been refreshing to learn about all CBD and the Top Healthy Living Products I have discovered. So I am back with new products for Spring.

Wellness Wednesday

In the past year, I have become a vitamin supplement junky. My favourites are gummies, but all was read the ingredient to make sure what I am putting into my body. Cold-Pressed gummies pass the test of edible and healthy.

Cold-Pressed CBD Gummies

The health benefits of CBD are incredible and have helped me get to sleep and heal my sensitive skin. Healthy lifestyle products can relieve pain, Reduce Anxiety and Depression, just to name a few antidotes.

Cold-Pressed launched their range of CBD Gummy Bears and invited us to taste and join their CBD revolution. Unlike any other British CBD brand, it uses a cold-pressed extraction method retaining the organic goodness. These are my bedtime treats when that time of the month comes.

CBD to Plant Shakes & Teas

The friendly gummy bears are vegan and made with 100% natural ingredients, available in jars of strawberry, grape, apple, grapefruit and pineapple flavours. What I adore about them is it has no gelatin! Available to purchase either as a one-off purchase or via a monthly subscription.  If you want to cut down on your sugar and fructose then these are not for you.

Cold-Pressed encourages us to put our feet up and relax and unwind, finding that precious time to love ourselves. Cold-Pressed is open and proud to be at the forefront of the evolution and acceptance of the “hemp plant”. Cold Pressed CBD gummies are available to purchase from Prices start from £6.99 for a tester pack of seven multi-flavoured gummy bears.

FOGA | Your Natural Nutritional Armour | Organic Shakes

Have you thought about going vegan or just want to fit more fruit and vegetables into your diet? Then we have a new brand to taste 👅 and try FOGA. I have chosen to add these packs of fruits and veggies into my diet during the month I fast. They will help me get my body ready for summer after putting on the ‘Quarantine 15′

Meet Phoebe & Ollie – the husband & wife team who started FOGA had the same problem in their lives. We all find it too busy to eat as healthily sometimes. Like myself, they were fed up with all the unhealthy options when you wanted to feed your hunger pains and not time. I personally love shakes, and when I can get my daily 8 in one shot, buy just adding it to a shake, then why not?

They were on a mission to make natural nutrition mainstream and nourish people with real foods, not supplements. They expressed that our food system is broken and wanted to fix it. Their aim was to create a more delicious smoothie brand that families like ours would love. 

The month I fasted, I knew I need to drink and eat foods that would nourish my body. It was fun to try a new shake a day. All plant-based and delicious flavours like Strawberry & Mango, Berries & Cinnamon, Peach & Cayenne, Blueberry & Acai, Rasberry & Banana. As well as breakfast treats in the form of Oatshakes like Strawberry and Rasberry and my favourite Blueberry Pie. These ideal if you want to stay healthy on the go and they are filling too.

WELLFINITEA Organic Green: Is Not Just Another Herbal Tea!

Top 3 Healthy Living Products of the Month CBD to Plant Shakes & Teas

One thing I personally struggle with my daily intake, and my skin shows it. My mission is to find new ways to get my water in. WELLFINITEA Organic Green Herbal tea one of the ways that help because I am not a coffee drinker. My body cannot take caffeine. Green tea has so many benefits as well. I am trying to shed a few pounds the healthy way, so Organic Green tea fits into my lifestyle and has beneficial bioactive compounds. Such as it helps brain function, Increases fat burning, and Antioxidants may lower the risk of some cancers, is a sugar craving blocker, and cures bad breath, just to name a few befits of green tea. A few things like many of us struggle with. 

Wellfinitea Organic Green- ‘Is not just another herbal tea!’ It is a SUGAR BLOCKER: The active ingredient, Gymnema Sylvestre, blocks your sugar receptors in your taste buds, reducing absorption. It FIGHTS YOUR CRAVING (for Sugars): With less sugar tasted, less is tasted and less desired, and you just don’t crave those sweets anymore! It BOOSTS YOUR IMMUNITY: Antioxidants found in our teas can support your body’s immune functions-resulting in better immunity & better health. If 2021 was not the year to adopt a healthy lifestyle and fight off common colds, then I do not know what year is better. Staying healthy is no a part of everyone’s life, and if you are ready, grab a cuppa green tea and start your healthy journey with us. 

If you’re like most of us, when you see a piece of cake or get past a dessert menu after a meal, you would need a will of steel to put mind over matter when faced with this case scenario: ‘the struggle & fight’ a sugar craving. Obesity and sugar cravings have been a top priority in health for most, as they can cause many health problems. I, too, struggle with sugar and, over the past month, have curbed the craving with this tea. Free sugars are found in foods such as sweets, cakes, biscuits, and soft drinks or juices, but what if having these didn’t have to be limited? And if we could do this and control our sugar intake, would we enjoy some of the ‘sweeter things’ in life?  

Wellfinitea ORGANIC GREEN BLOCKS sugar and is ‘not just another herbal tea’. While it is a simple 100% organic tea- it can help control sugar cravings and the absorption of sugar in the intestines & body. 

How does it work?

Gymnema Sylvestre has an active ingredient called Gymnemic acid that blocks the sugar receptors on your taste buds, making sweet foods less appealing as well as absorption. Less sugar enjoyment means less sugar consumed! Studies have shown that the active ingredient also blocks sugar in the intestines, lowering post-meal sugar levels.

Wellfinitea Herbal Organic Green Is: 

  • Rich in antioxidants- an excellent source of additional Iron, Vitamin C for the repair of the body & general health
  • Helps support a healthy immune system
  • Caffeine Free (freely drink it before bedtime!)
  • 100% Organic & Vegan & Free From
  • Helps to maintain healthy sugar levels by controlling sugar in-take by the body
  • Acts as a sugar blocker (to everyday intake of foods and drink)
  • Creates more complete well-being and everyday wellness

How To Use: Steep 1 tea bag in a cup of 240ml water for 3-5 min. Teabag can make up to 5-8 cups and drink for 1 day. Enjoy hot or add ice or chill to enjoy cold as iced tea. Tea tastes of natural herbs, earthy tone, and natural sweetness. 

Wellfinitea Herbal Organic Green Tea 10 bags/box are £16.99 and available at  

For our readers, we want to encourage you to kick start your healthy living with us. We have partnered with the tea brand to offer a discount on your first order—happy Wellness Wednesday on us. These teas actually do what they say they do and taste good.

– The discount code is STYLECARTEL20 at checkout on our website code is 20% off to first-time buyers and can only be used once by a shopper). Follow us on Instagram for more #WellnessWednesday treats and sign up for our newsletter for the Lifestyle news. 

Photos by Nuria Revuelta