Top 3 Beauty Trends From the New Euphoria to Femme Fatale

Are you beauty obsessed? Love “Euphoria” and stay up late watching beauty TikTok, then stay here. You have found your tribe. We are here to give you the tea on the ostensibly ongoing revolving door of TikTok-driven beauty aesthetics, which are effortless and straightforward. Here are the top 3 Emerging Beauty Trends From the New Euphoria to Femme Fatale. 

Top 3 Emerging Beauty Trends

With the hashtag #, “that girl” and “off-duty model” aesthetics trending on TikTok this year, working models who have not made it in vogue yet, and wanna bee’s have already adopted these trends. Several sub-aesthetics have cropped up that channel this pared-down approach to beauty. Easy breezy makeup for the on-the-go girl.

While season one of HBO Max’s hit show, “Euphoria,” gave rise to a flurry of rainbow-coloured, rhinestone-clad makeup looks, the more subtle glam of season two debuted in January, has spawned comparatively toned-down looks that emphasize glowy skin and lips. Each episode made us want to try new makeup trends. Makeup is supposed to be fun and another form of art, right?

Siren Eye

When clients opt for melodramatic eye makeup — like the siren eye look, which involves winged eyeliner and smoked-out eye shadow — it’s usually accompanied by more muted components; lip oil instead of lipstick, lash serum in favour of mascara, and more of these products.

TikTok can’t stop obsessing over this new eye makeup trend. Inspired by eyeshadow techniques from celebrities like Bella Hadid, Kendall Jenner, and Alexa Demie, siren eyes consist of sharp and smokey eyeshadow. According to TikTok, the makeup style embraces sultry feminine energy for a mysterious and captivating eye look. 

Beauty New Euphoria to Femme Fatale

Create the siren effect by applying a dark shadow around the top and bottom waterlines and concentrating the shadow upwards. Then, add a more dramatic impact with dark liquid eyeliner or mix up the classic makeup style with a pop of colour or some rhinestones. However you choose to create your siren eyes, the makeup look will have you channelling sultry and irresistible energy. 

Layered, choppy haircuts like the wolf, butterfly and octopus cuts have also risen in popularity on TikTok, with users opting for modern takes on the voluminous, throwback styles. 

Beauty Trendalytics

Here are Trendalytics’ top three emerging trend stories for 2022, along with the search increase rates of key components comprising each one versus the year prior.

  1. Femme Fatale
  • Siren Eyes: +3,017 percent
  • Lip Oil: +154 percent
  • Hair Serum: +38 percent
  • Lash Growth Serum: +30 per cent
  • Cream Blush: +27 per cent
  1. The New Euphoria
  • Glitter Brows: +334 per cent
  • Makeup Strobing: +280 per cent
  • Holographic Lip Gloss: +202 per cent
  • Glow Primer: +48 per cent
  • Liquid Highlighter: +41 per cent
  1. “It” Haircuts
  • Butterfly Haircut: +2,162 per cent
  • Fluffy Layers: +898 per cent
  • Bottleneck Bob: +717 per cent
  • Octopus Haircut: +484 per cent
  • Wolf Cut: +43 per cent

Which looks are you willing to try? Which ones aren’t for you? Stay tuned while we try a few ourselves.  

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