25hours Hotel in Paris Hotspot Review

25hours Hotel in Paris is one of our favourite hotspots, so we had to give you an insider’s review. Like any significant fashion city, there is traffic or circulation, as the French call it, so being next to the Eurostar is idle for business and fashion travellers because no one has time for traffic or missing their train. Then 25hours Hotel in Paris is a hotel with African & Middle Eastern touches close to the metro & Gare du Nord.

 25hours Hotel by the Gare du Nord


Having lived in Paris for many years, I know how the city movies. One great tip is to leave 2 hours in advance when you travel, even if you are staying close to where you depart from. The city traffic in Paris can be brutal. Why booking a room at the 25hours Hotel makes short stay trips to the city of love enjoyable and less stressful. 

The 25hours Hotel is conveniently situated opposite the central Gare du Nord train station, where you find the 25hours Hotel Paris Terminus Nord. This bustling, diverse Parsianne neighbourhood is known for the vibrant spirit of this district and its inhabitants. Local heroes serve as the inspiration for the interior design concept. The design agency Dreimeta collaborated with the Parisian team Visto Images to encapsulate the hustle and bustle of the 10th Arrondissement: A playful hodgepodge of vibrant, colourful wall murals in street-art style. 


The rooms are relaxing retreats with colour schemes and designs inspired by Africa and Asia. However, the Neni restaurant, with its Israeli-Mediterranean cuisine and the Sape Bar, with its large counter and leather armchairs, form the pulsing heart of the house. The reception on the ground floor is reminiscent of a French kiosk and is available to both guests and locals for any requests, questions, or anything unusual you may need.

Paris Hotspot Review

The rooms are slim and charming, like a Parisian apartment, with all the amenities you need, clean, tidy, and cosy. In the morning, after being well rested, you will have all the energy to indulge in the healthy petit-déjeuner typical French Breakfast with Israeli-Mediterranean cuisine too. Then if you need to do a little work, find a comfortable lounge chair or school-like table and log on to the in-house wifi. 


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Photo Credit: Sergio Corvach