Rick Owens RTW Fall 2023 Runway Report

Rick Owens RTW Fall 2023 Runway Report is finally here. In his own words, “I wanted it to be Avedon-worthy.” So the runway models were outfitted with sequin gowns matched with giant, squishy, duvet-filled doughnuts. With looks for the latest young star on Netflixs’ Bling series to Cher and even Bjork—all suitable warriors in the Rick Owens RTW Fall 2023 Runway army.

Rick Owens RTW Fall 2023

“I wish that was my dress Dovima was wearing with the elephants. Anyway, this is my version.”

With Avedon in mind, he ensured more polished hair and makeup, including stiff, sculptural ponytails, bald heads, and blacked-out eyeballs. As for the clothes, he described them as straightforward since “simplicity is the most elegant thing I can think of.”

The designer also mixed all new trends from streetwear chic to Red Carpet ready. For example, he found a way to merge a puffer jacket with a babydoll dress, shred denim so expertly that it resembles feathers, and grow his spiky shoulders to rise beyond the top of the head and hug the face. Plus, his platforms were back again too.

There were many blacks, including knitted capelets that hugged the shoulders, and tube dresses slashed up one side and trailed a long, crooked train that occasionally got tangled up in the raised catwalk rigging.

Fall 2023 Runway Report

But then came the matte sequins, in gold, silver, grape, grape-leaf green and lipstick pink, which Owens carved into undulating capes, boxy T-shirts, minimalist coats, fishtail gowns and those doughnut-like garlands. They were all dazzling.

So what do you think, Hot or Not?

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Photo Credit : Rick Owens