How We Lead a Healthy Balanced Life With Love Yourself Delivery for a Week

Locked dow life is getting boring, and I am over the luxury of cooking every meal at home.  Please give me a take away that this Vegan lifestyle-er will love.  I wanted to share this luxury food delivery brand Love Yourself.  Imagine getting a healthy breakfast in London delivered to your doorstep at 7AM for a week. We are repeat offenders of the service. 

Well ordered 3 meals a day for a week and the delivery guy was never late once!   These delish meals are available in  London and Greater London. Which will be UK wide later in the year. 

Love Yourself Vegan Meals

How We Lead a Healthy Balanced Life with Love Yourself Delivery for a Week

They are premium and have a Michelin trained chef cooking tasty, nutritious and balanced food. We tried 3 day’s worth which included daily 3 meals and 2 snacks daily, we choose the Vegan option. Which feed the team during and after a long of working in the home office. Leaving us smiling and stuffed.   The menus include, i.e. Keto, Dairy Free, Halal, Keto, Performance, Balanced 2000kcal, Balanced 1600kcal etc. and more. 

Don’t Cook Love Yourself
How We Lead a Healthy Balanced Life with Love Yourself Delivery for a Week

It was so good you forgot we choose all vegan meals. Love Yourself is the new food delivery brand on the block. They deliver nutritious and balanced food straight to your door. Using only the freshest, finest, and seasonal ingredients. Their menus continuously change to keep you excited, inspired and focus on your health targets. We’ve all tried to diet and ate the same thing for days on end, it’s boring and destined to fail. Love Yourself believe in variety, and the menus are never dull. They served up an array of hot to cold dishes, such as Dark Chocolate pudding, Chocolate Brownie, Dutch pancake with blueberries, Courgette and mushroom Satay, Mushroom Quiche, Low-carb coconut lime noodles with tofu, Blackberry chia pudding, Chinese-fried cabbage and stuffed peppers, and Tangy green beans with crispy tofu just to name a few. 

How We Lead a Healthy Balanced Life with Love Yourself Delivery for a Week

We were delighted with the food and the service, to say the least. The meals are delivered daily, cooked fresh. Just reheat in the oven or microwave and experience the freshest and tastiest food around. All their food is locally sourced and seasonal.  Love Yourself offer a range of menus from £15 each day. Which includes 3 meals and 2 snacks. Visit to find out more.

Photos: Photos: Sachin Ghataaura

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