Winter-Proof Your Hair Care Routine!

Winter Proof Your Haircare Routine

We all want our hair to resemble Beyoncé’s or Molly-Maes all year round, however, the winter months tend to battle with our locks more sot han other seasons. The crisp cold air, rain and blustery winds means our hair tends to be more dry, brittle and prone to breakage.

Here are some tips to combat this from a girl who’s experienced them all!

 1.    Hair Washing: How Often Do You Wash It?

From someone who uset to wash their hair far too much, I can understand the desire to do so. There’s nothing better than freshly washed,bouncy, clean hair, but washing your hair too often can cause increased dehydration in combination with the cold air. Try minimising your hair wash days to 2-3 times a week and alternate with up-do hairstyles to see you through the days when it starts to look limp!

2.    What Temperature Is Your Water At?

A hot shower or bath after a freezing cold day is amazing, but, the temperature of your water can determine if your hair will be drier than usual. Ensure that your water is luke warm instead of hot, this will defend against extra dryness and keep the colour in your hair (if coloured)around for longer.  

3.    Are There Sulfates In Your Shampoo? Change It!

Sulfates are the enemy, unfortunately an enemy that is commonly found in the majority of shampoos but it has been proven to cause issues with hair health, colouring and scalp dryness. Our hair needs our natural oils and moisture to retain it’s overall health so opt for a sulfate free shampoo, even better if it’s all natural. I like Mauve! Their range is vegan, sulfate free while including a range of beneficial hydrating ingredients, all while smelling incredible.

4.    Do You Have Hair Masks?

Hair masks are undoubtedly amazing for replenishing the hair, I like to use one once a week minimum, or twice a week if my hair is really suffering from heat damage and the cold. A thick, rich and nourishing conditioner can do just as well with ingredients such as Shea Butter and Argan Oil being a popular choice in a lot of conditioners .Panthenol and Soy Protein are also ingredients to look out for on the ingredients list as these are all moisture retaining elements.

5.    What Serums/Sprays Are You Using?

Serums, oils and creams are essential in creating a knockout style but in the winter steer away from mousses,hairsprays and gels if you can. These formulas tend to go crispy on the hair due to the cold and create a stiff look, if you really need to use them use less than usual.

6.    Are You Using Protective Products?

Your hairs washed, now what? Are you air drying, blowdrying? Is there heat protectant in your hair? If you answered no then this is a season to alter your hair styling regime. Include a heat spray at all times before applying heat to the hair to keep it in good condition, there are lots out there and all with different formulas to suit you from creams to sprays. See here for options!

7.    Are You Covering Up?

If your hair is freshly styled and you don’t want it becoming ruined by the natural effects of the weather, then this season is a great time to bring out the winter hat, not only does it make you look cute but your hair will also thank you for it. Skip the styling sometimes and choose the beanie..

8.    Eating Healthy?

This is a question I seem to always ponder on, my diet is hit and miss and I’de be lying if I said I had a vitamin rich, nutritious diet with lots of colours. But it really is the BEST way to keep you skin and hair at its best. Foods such as carrots, lentils, and avocados are all foods that are fantastic way to improve hair strength and brittleness, foods rich in natural oils and vitamins can also boost the immune system while also keeping your skin looking glowy too. Sit down with a bowl of carrot soup around the fire and you’re halfway there..

9.    A Tip For The Road?

Regular haircuts are the best way to keep your hair healthy,keeping split ends and fly aways in check. Make sure not to miss your 6 weekly appointment!

Do you have any tips to share? Send them to us @stylecartelon all social platforms, we’de love to hear them!