Top 3 Supplements To Feel And Look Best This Summer

Spring season is surely in full swing, and gosh don’t we all just love those longer, sunny days! But we should never forget about our inner beauty, which you can support with our favourite top 3 supplements that will help you stay healthy and look radiant this summer.

VOYA Sea Or Supplements


The award-winning organic lifestyle brand VOYA has launched a range of sustainably sourced seaweed supplementsSEA OR.  The supplements have been formulated using a propriety blend of scientifically selected seaweeds, combined with carefully balanced vitamins, probiotics and minerals to support your health and wellbeing from the inside out. There are times in life when we feel we need a helping hand and these superfood supplements have been carefully formulated to work at a cellular level. They are 100% natural, vegan and gluten free. All Sea Ór supplements include VOYA’s unique marine formula Orplex™. This cutting-edge formulation has been created in consultation with a resident nutritionist and contains specially selected types of seaweed to help improve well-being.

Gold Collagen Forte


The leading expert in liquid Collagen supplements and complementary treatments for Skin, Hair and Nail health brand, GOLD COLLAGEN®’s renowned anti-ageing supplement for women over 40 just got richer. FORTE PLUS, now with 23 ingredients, is the brand’s most fortified supplement ever. With elevated benefits including supporting hair growth and heart health.

Monat Immune Support


Give your immune system the support it needs, so you can feel healthier and more resilient all day, every day with the MONAT Immune Support, the latest addition to the company’s fast-growing wellness range, powered by vitamins, minerals, and plant extracts, all delivered in one vegan, easy to swallow, capsule. MONAT Immune Support provides efficacious amounts of zinc and vitamins C and D, scientifically shown to support your body’s natural immune response. These power players are bolstered by herbal extracts echinacea and a custom natural blend of mushrooms.