Tips For Transitioning Your Body Out Of Winter and Into Spring

As the planet turns and the seasons change, so do our bodies and the habits we have to help keep our bodies at their peak health and performance. Different seasons mean different types of environments to encounter, even if that’s only in subtle ways. Humidity changes, weather changes, and so do our skin, our internal functions, and our thought processes.

It’s simple to follow a good routine in any season and to understand what habits we can adopt in what seasons to help our bodies feel their best. The long, dark days of winter where many of us do not get enough sun (and essentials like Vitamin D) transition slowly into the promising, flower-laden beauty of spring, and we are ready to jump on that train. But it’s also important to give your body the space and time to transition as it needs to, and not rush the process.

Bring Yourself Out of Hibernation

Many people are not as active in the winter, which is what our ancestors did to preserve food and energy and so is written into our genes. It’s common to retreat into our homes, seeking warmth, comfort, and light, when the outside presents the opposite of those things and is sometimes blanketed in snow as well. 

As spring starts to show in the outside world, bring it into your life as much as possible. Get outside in the warmer spring days and let the sunshine bathe your skin, after you apply a great SPF of course. Open your windows when the temperature allows, and let the cooler breezes push fresh air into the nooks and crannies of your space that have been stagnant for months.

Give Your Body a Gentle Spring Cleaning

As with your space, sloughing off the old dust and dirt and making room for new energies and benefits is important for your body as well. But a good spring cleaning of your house does not happen in a day, and neither does a good spring cleaning with your body. You may start with a simple addition like adding an exfoliation step to your skincare routine, or a change in product to focus on a specific issue, such as acne scar products.

This may also be a good time to schedule a massage and let someone knead the winter tension and holiday stress from your body. Massages can not only help awaken dormant muscles, but can help promote the flow of toxins throughout your waste systems to get them out of your body.

Examine Your Intake

Winter months are often a time for gathering, and gathering often means food and drink that might not be what your diet normally consists of, or at levels that your body is used to. Think back over the last few months and what you’ve been consuming and how much. Tweaking your diet for the upcoming months as well as giving your systems a flush can be as beneficial as spring cleaning your outer space and shell. 

This can happen in part by cutting down on starchy foods, sugar, and alcohol intake, and adding in more fresh seasonal produce and fermented foods that can help cleanse your liver and other body systems. This is also a good time to explore the benefits of fasting if it’s something you have considered, giving your system an opportunity to reset itself. This is also a good time to examine your supplements. Is your body getting a good mix of vitamins and nutrition, or perhaps you’ve been thinking of adding a collagen supplement for skin cell renewal?

Time On Yourself is Most Important

Above all, take this time of transition to focus on self-care and what routines may be beneficial to add to move wonderfully into and through a new year. Every day is a new opportunity for internal and external experiences that you can curate, and build your best life. Emotional hygiene and mental health are a part of taking care of your whole self. If you have holiday difficulties or are affected by seasonal affective disorder, taking the time to focus on your mental health is key.

This is a green time for starting a meditation practice or returning to journaling to help give your mental health a reset as your body is waking up as well. Positivity and growth are happening in the world around you right now, help them happen within you. And make sure you are getting an adequate amount of sleep, as sleep is the body’s original way of completing a whole system reset. This may be more difficult as the days get longer, but it is important to stick to a schedule for optimum health.