Secret Santa Ideas For Every Office

This year your office Secret Santa is probably going to work a little differently than normal. However, now more than ever we’re all in need of some festive cheer so it’s important you still put in the effort. Finding a gift for your colleagues can be challenging, so have a read below and get inspired by some of these ideas.  

Personalise It 

Secret Santa Ideas For Every Office

With Secret Santa, there’s always a chance of drawing the name of someone you don’t know very well. If this happens you might be tempted to buy them a generic gift and call it a day. However, putting in a little extra effort can go a long way. For instance, you could get them a box of chocolates or you could buy personalised chocolate, which adds a thoughtful touch. Bonus points if you get their favourite flavour. 

Photo Frame

If you want to go down the personalisation route, but you’re not too sure what the person would like, a photo frame could be the gift idea for you. You only have to provide a frame, and they can choose what special memory to put in it. If you’ve noticed lots of photos on their desk, or know they frequently post photos on social media, you’ll know pictures mean a lot to them and your gift will be put to good use.

Secret Santa Ideas For Every Office

You don’t have to know a person well to give them a gift of a good story. Take a look at what books have been popular this year. Or you could look at your own bookshelves and ask yourself which one you’d buy a copy of for someone else. There are endless possibilities: from enchanting stories to hard-hitting non-fiction. This could be for that colleague who always says they want to read more or is frequently seen with a book on their lunch break. 

2020 Themed

This year has been a memorable one, to say the least, so why not get something to mark it? Whether it’s an ‘I Survived Lockdown’ Christmas decoration or a jigsaw puzzle as a tribute to lockdown activities – you can try to look at the lighter side of what’s been a difficult year. Hopefully, one day we’ll look back and remember the happy times 2020 brought us. 

Whether you opt for a personalised treatment or try to cause a chuckle to have fun with your Secret Santa shopping. Do you have any tips for picking a Secret Santa gift?