Rebecca Minkoff eSports fashion extravaganza in the Metaverse

On 1 April 2022 we are excited to share the news that Rebecca Minkoff enters the Metaverse. The designer as always been ahead of the digital fashion revolution. Global fashion brand Rebecca Minkoff is striding into the gaming world by fronting a live-streamed eSports event on Roblox. Bringing the RM girl into the metaverse… their DUNAMIS NFT collection encapsulates the confidence and limitless potential of the modern woman

Rebecca Minkoff Fashion Metaverse

The American designer has teamed up with the gaming platform to co-create a virtual Rebecca Minkoff world within hit shoe-wearing game High Heel Obby. As part of a two-week game takeover, players can enter a virtual Rebecca Minkoff pop up store to try on digital versions of coveted collectibles including handbags and high heeled boots while exploring virtual editions of her work.

At 9pm (Friday 1st April) – one week after the first-ever Metaverse Fashion Week – Minkoff mega fans can compete in a live Rebecca Minkoff Obby event for a chance to win a share of $5,000 worth of Robux, Roblox’s in-game currency. Collectors of Rebecca Minkoff’s new NFT collection, which launched last month via Web3 digital fashion marketplace The Dematerialised (DMAT), can also race in a VIP section of the game. One winner will scoop a pair of the luxury brand’s iconic Siena flame black leather heeled boots, worth £893.

Rebecca Minkoff eSports fashion

Hosted by metaverse company Dubit and its Metaverse Gaming League, the live Rebecca Minkoff event is available via live streaming platform Twitch and will feature an exclusive appearance from the celebrated designer.

Gemma Sheppard by Gem Rey ©

High Heel Obby attracts nearly 10 million monthly players who customize high heels by earning coins and racing over 150 levels featuring the popular game’s famously eye-catching girlie-pink graphics.

According to Minkoff, the contrast of the dazzling visual aesthetic to her trademark leathers, studs and hardware symbolises the opportunity for boldness and creative freedom within the metaverse.

Rebecca Minkoff says: “Many might question the compatibility of Rebecca Minkoff and High Heel Obby but this is why fashion brands are immersing themselves in metaverse, specifically on a gaming community like Roblox. When we enter a world where multi-millions flock daily to socialise, it’s a privilege to be able to showcase our brand on their territory. The beauty of fashion within the metaverse is being able to experiment with different styles, looks and characters. Yes, it was a dynamic move to transport Rebecca Minkoff to a colour-happy, crazy world like High Heel Obby but by doing so we’re engaging and interacting with a new generation of customers where community counts.”

Gemma Sheppard, Metaventures (Dubit) Global Creative Fashion Director, adds: “I’ve always been a fan of Rebecca Minkoff’s boldness as a designer. It’s why I was first in the queue to snap up one of her recently-released NFTs and why we cherry-picked the brand to help reach the masses post Metaventures Fashion Week. Dubit and Metaventures are absolute trailblazers of fashion within the metaverse and having phenomenal designers such as Rebecca experimenting with new ideas and pathways through this collaboration is testament to its fast-paced growth and momentum.”

Minkoff made her foray into the metaverse last September when she became the first female American designer to create NFTs (non fungible tokens) for a fashion collection, which featured a QR code to allow fans to view and bid for digital fashion items as part of an augmented reality auction.

The Dunamis collection – her second line of NFTs – was inspired by a Greek philosophical concept referring to power and potential and features four digital looks: Athena, Venus, Aphrodite and Persephone.

Dubbed ‘fashion’s go-to playground’, the metaverse is fast becoming a go-to destination for forward-thinking fashion brands like Rebecca Minkoff to showcase their designs in innovative ways and target a new generation of fashion consumers in virtual reality. 

In the past 12 months, leading luxury designers including Burberry, Gucci, Vans and Stella McCartney have created and sold digital clothing in the metaverse. Last year Roblox, which can be accessed on desktop and mobile, saw a virtual Gucci bag sell for 350,000 Robux (£3,016).

Earlier this year, Roblox became the first platform to offer fashion styling services to users. Gemma Sheppard – the world’s first fashion stylist in metaverse – will supply consumers with in-game styling via virtual try-ons, look books and personal styling showrooms to help users choose digital clothing for their avatars.

Immerse yourself in the live Rebecca Minkoff Metaverse Gaming League event on Friday 1st April at 9pm at

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