PLS London My Ponytail Loving Hair Style for Party Season

This 2020 has made me learn how to do my hair more than ever before. I have turned into a kitchen beautician by trying out new styles etc. The easiest by far is my classic ponytail. And now PLS London has made my life easier. Wanna know why?

PLS London Ponytail Loving

Their Ponytails not only come with extra hair to wrap around the knot. To make it look more natural. It also has come to snatch down the hair, and the excess hair wraps around your bun with Velcro! Now for a woman who can not do hair, this is what I need in my life.

I already want to buy more pieces because PLS London has revolutionized doing hair at home in a time when women like me need help keeping it sexy on lockdown. I am exhausted from hearing my partner say can you spice it up a little.🤣🤣😂😂😂

PLS London How-To

I went for THE ARABELLA PONY. 100% PREMIUM FUTURA FIBRE GRADE. Heat resistant up to 180 degrees and can be washed and styled as desired. But do not put too much heat or it will lose its curl, which is already lovely and wavy. The Length comes in 22 inches, the texture is Water Waves, with a Comb slider velcro wrap round. Ideal for getting your hair ready in 20 min. 

PLS London My Ponytail Loving Hair Style

For my first time wearing the ponytail, I went to the salon for some help getting it in the right. My glam team also loved it and wiped it in my hair after my hair treatment. We all agreed that the ponytail was a new way to get fleak from home. 

Yet, in the end, I had to take the ponytail in my own hands and learn how to do it myself. PLS London made my life easy it does not take me about 5 minutes to whip it in my hair.

It is easy to manage, as well. If you won’t make it look brand new, every time jus washes it with shampoo, condition it, then add some leaves in conditioner and blow dry it from a distance and viola whip it back and go. Just do not put direct heat on it or you will destroy the texture. 

PLS London My Ponytail Loving Hair Style

Thank you to PLS London and to Charlotte Mensah salon for making me feel good and pretty. Going to the salon is something we all miss. So get a ponytail and get your glow up it is party season.

PLS London My Ponytail Loving Hair Style for Party Season

Photo and Video by Nuria Revuelta & Gabriel Myerscough

Video editing by  Claudia Revuelta 

Instagram: @claudiarevuelta

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