Let’s Talk About Sex! Ménages à trois

Is a Ménages à trois your cup of tea? What do you say to a friend who wants to talk about their sexual activity, when you don’t feel like it? I made the mistake of listening anyway. Let’s talk about sex. What to do if you don’t feel like it?

Everyone comes into their own sexual being at different times in their life. Exploring sexually can happen at any age. My friends in their 40’s are exploring their sexuality and not ashamed to talk about it, or are they. None of us wants to be slut shamed for being a little sexually adventurous.

Does a woman’s sex life really begin at forty?

Who says it’s just the young who have passionate love lives? Does a woman’s sex life really begin at forty? These days don’t believe the hype that the lithe of young women in their 20s are having all the fun. It’s women in their 40s who are having the best sex of over lives. My friends are reporting the sexual attraction between some couples who enjoyed wild and wonderful, passionate sex three times a day for the entire marriage.

With tales of lovemaking on awakening in the morning … cuddling up at night before going to sleep, when the warmth of a naked body beside yours is irresistible … and in the middle of the day. Working from home has its perks.

A ménage à trois Oui au No ?

For singles, today some are flirting with Uber drivers, still on dating apps or still trying to get lucky Raya. Yet, not all of us want to hear about your A ménage à trois. It is a domestic arrangement with three people sharing romantic or sexual relations with one another, and typically dwelling together. The phrase is a loan from French meaning “household of three”. A form of polyamory, contemporary arrangements are sometimes identified as a throuple, thruple, or triad.

Yet, I might want to talk about it, especially if you played dumb about it. Then the next day you want to give all the juicy details. I had to act interested even though I was not interested in the convo. Maybe on a drunken night or a psychedelic outing in the park, the chatter might be amusing, but no thank you on our daily catch-up.

Let’s Talk About Sex! Ménages à trois

Who doesn’t want to live out a scene from garden of Eden by Ernest Hemingway? The erotic novel that Hemingway suppressed during his own lifetime, and left incomplete on his death, is set in the Cote d’Azur in the 1920s and tells the story of an author, his adventurous wife, and the psycho-sexual games they play while sharing a young woman. It is largely held to be autobiographical.

I am not judging the friend, I just want to hear about and validate your escapes. Some stories are better kept as secrets. Where has the mystery gone? What do you think?

Tell us your stories about love, life and sex. We accept guest posts.